FBI: Hillary Clinton Faces No Charges for Email Hacking

Although he deemed Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email servers while serving as secretary of state, FBI director James Comey said that he would not be recommending criminal charges against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

In a public conference held in front of the watching world, FBI director James Comey raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s judgement, implied that “hostile actors” had gained access to her email account and even stated that she was “extremely careless” in her use of a private email address and server.

Still, Comey did not recommend any criminal charges against Clinton, who is almost certainly the democratic nominee for the United States presidency.

Comey insisted that a criminal charge would require evidence of Clinton intentionally transmitting of willfully mishandling classified misinformation. “Our judgement is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said.

The public announcement lasted 15 minutes, three days after investigators interviewed Clinton about the case and was a landmark occasion in the build-up to the upcoming presidential elections later this year.

In adding to the drama to the occasion, Comey began by stating that the Justice Department and the White House “do not know what I am about to say.”

Although Clinton hasn’t come out with a public statement of her own, campaign spokesman Brian Fallon stated that her camp was pleased with the outcome of the investigation.

He stated:

As the secretary has long said, it was a mistake to use her personal email and she would not do it again. We are glad that this matter is now resolved.

Donald Trump on the Verdict: The System is Rigged.

For his part, Hillary Clinton’s political rival and presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency, Donald Trump, quickly poured scorn over Comey’s assessment, stating that the system was “rigged.”

In a tweet, Trump said:

He followed it up with several others.

Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel, more popularly known with the moniker – “Guccifer”, compromised Hillary Clinton’s email server which were subsequently leaked and can now be found on Wikileaks. Charged in 2014 by the US Department of Justice for his hacking exploits, Lehel was extradited to the US in March this year. He later claimed that hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails were “easy.”

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