Crypto Update: Qtum’s Price Contraction Hints at a Massive Bull Run

Qtum/Bitcoin (QTUM/BTC) is one of the biggest losers in cryptocurrency investing. It shred more than 76% of its value in seven months when it dropped to 0.001192 on July 12. With such a sharp slide, there’s no denying that the market is deep in bear territory. Nevertheless, long-term investors can find hope in the market’s habit of rallying after a deflating bear run.

In this article, we show how Qtum/Bitcoin uses price contractions and oversold conditions to stage massive rallies.

Falling Wedge in the Last Quarter of 2017

QTUM/BTC was bearish in September, October and November of 2017. The pair traded in a wide range between September to late October 2017 while generating lower highs and lower lows. However, the range got more and more tight until December 14. In three and a half months, the pair created a falling wedge.

2017 Fourth Quarter Daily chart of QTUM/BTC

The pair was able to break out of the pattern on December 15 after it recovered from extreme oversold readings. The selling relief combined with price contraction conspired to ignite a rally that rewarded bottom pickers with over 300% profits in less than a month.

Falling Wedge in the First Quarter of 2018

Gravity also works in financial markets. Often, the case is the greater the rise, the harder the fall.

As QTUM/BTC pulled back from its meteoric rise, the pair created another falling wedge structure on the daily chart. The market plummeted until the trading range was so tightly squeezed that there was no more room to go but up. Again, the market flashed extreme oversold readings before breaking out of the pattern.

2018 First Quarter Daily chart of QTUM/BTC

Falling Wedges in the Third Quarter of 2018

History repeats itself; that’s one of the main principles of technical analysis. So far, QTUM/BTC adheres to that tenet. It appears to be creating a third falling wedge as it respects key support of 0.0012. While doing so, it has recently given off extreme oversold signals.

2018 Third Quarter Daily chart of QTUM/BTC

But wait! There’s more!

A broader and more in-depth look at the daily chart of QTUM/BTC reveals that all three falling wedges mentioned above appear to be parts of a massive falling wedge. What’s astonishing is that the narrowest point of this gigantic falling wedge is at key support of 0.0012.

Daily chart of QTUM/BTC

Based on previous price movements, it is not difficult to imagine that this extreme price contraction can be the catalyst of a massive bull run.

Bottom Line

QTUM/BTC is in deep bear territory. However, history tells us that the pair might be out of the woods real soon. The formation of three falling wedge patterns reveal that the market has a habit of rallying after extreme price contraction. More importantly, the emergence of the large falling wedge on the daily chart suggests that QTUM/BTC may be on the cusp of a massive bull run.


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