Crypto Update: Ethereum Classic on Track for a Bullish Reversal

Ethereum Classic (ETC/USD) is among the many altcoins that suffered a massive beating this year. While the pair managed to go as high as $47.296 on January 14, 2018, it has been on a downward spiral ever since. On August 14, it registered a low of $10.10 and at that price point, Ethereum Classic has shed close to 80% of its value from this year’s high.

Just as gloom and doom articles started to circulate on the internet, Ethereum Classic came back from the dead. The market is still weak but it is gaining strength. In this article, we reveal three reasons why we believe ETC is on track for a bullish reversal.

Successful Backtest of a Breakout

Many investors believed that Ethereum Classic was headed into even deeper bear territory. It breached support of $12.00 on August 13 and generated another lower low. After all, lower highs and lower lows are the hallmarks of a downtrend. ETC seems consistent in following the textbook definition of a downtrend.

With these developments, it’s difficult to imagine that Ethereum Classic has already broken out of a reversal pattern. However, it did break out of the large falling wedge on the daily and weekly charts. What we’re seeing right now is the backtesting of the breakout.

Daily chart of ETC/USD

In technical analysis, a resistance becomes a support level once breached. The chart above shows the clear breach of the resistance, hence the breakout. Even with the breakout, Ethereum Classic still dropped. This may seem counterintuitive that’s why many are still saying that the market is bearish.

However, the chart clearly depicts that ETC bounced from the support. It is respecting the new support, which means the breakout is still valid. The backtesting was a resounding success.  

Ethereum Classic Indicators Look Strong

We’re bullish on Ethereum Classic because technical indicators are glowing. Ignore the price drop and you’ll see that the market is gaining strength.

A quick look at the weekly chart reveals that bulls are returning in massive numbers. The extreme volume surge over the last two weeks tells us that bulls are buying the market. The last time ETC printed the same volume level was back in February 2018. However, this is the first time the market is printing such heavy volume for two consecutive weeks.

Weekly chart of ETC/USD

On top of that, a long bullish divergence can be spotted on the daily MACD. Also, ETC has bounced from historic daily Stochastic support of 7.00. These indicators tell us that bulls are wrestling the momentum away from bears.

Daily chart of ETC/USD with indicators

Projected Move

ETC/USD may be looking bullish, but that doesn’t mean that the market will skyrocket anytime soon. On the contrary, it would be better for the long-term health of the market for the price to consolidate between $12 – $20 before making a major move up. If a massive rally occurs that works, too. Whatever happens, we believe that the future looks rosy for ETC.

ETC/USD may have bottomed out

The main reason for the optimism is because the market just bounced from its historic support. This tells us that a bottom may be in place and it’s highly likely that ETC will not go anywhere but up.

Bottom Line

ETC may look extremely bearish but a closer look tells us the exact opposite. The successful backtest of the breakout and the flashing of bullish signals from multiple technical indicators tell us that Ethereum Classic is on track for a bullish reversal.

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