Apple is Creating Smart Voicemail With Siri

apple-creating-smart-voicemailWhat good is a digital assistant that doesn’t actually assist you? It seems some at Apple have been wondering that, and according to Business Insider, the company is testing a voicemail application that will use Siri to answer calls and take messages. Something like Google Voice by description, the service will transcribe messages and do a host of other Siri things.

Smart voicemail seems the logical next step from digital assistants. Several firms are also working to develop artificial intelligence, an application of which could be something along the lines of an all-knowing private assistant.

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Sources told Business Insider that Apple employees are currently testing a service that somehow integrates iCloud and Siri such that the assistant can take a call to record and transcribe a message. Google Voice has provided similar functionality for several years, yet the service has still not managed to nail digital, machine transcription.

If Apple intends to compete on this level, it’s got a lot of work to do just to catch up with Google. Then again, if Apple devotes the resources and the right people at the project, it’s entirely possible that it could overtake Google in capability. It could be that Google has not devoted the necessary resources to fully develop the service.

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