This App and Device Combo Lets You Play Video Games with Your Vagina

A new app on the market claims to solve pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (PFD) health issues one in three women face in their daily life. Developed by Linkcube Studios, the Smart Kegel Exercise Aid (SKEA) acts like a video game controllers for a mobile game similar to Temple Run. Women who suffer from PFD experience symptoms of incontinence, as well as reduced sexual arousal, and SKEA claims to cure these issues.

According to research by the National Institute of Health and the United States National Library of Medicine, organ prolapse is also a common symptom associated with PFD.

Linkcube works to cure sufferers of PFD with SKEA. The device replaces Kegel exercises sufferers normally have to practice for 20 minutes a day 90 days a year straight. Instead, SKEA is inserted into the vagina and the mobile app reacts to contractions it senses.

Every time the device senses a contraction, the character in the app jumps over certain obstacles. Not only that, but it also vibrates for erotic pleasure. Tom Chen, developer and physicist for Linkcube Studios, said on the device’s Kickstarter page:

To women: we know how frustrated you are when your bladder defies your authority! My wife got urinary incontinence after giving birth to our daughter, it sucks!”

Vagina Operated Game: Alice In Continent

SKEAThe device connects to a mobile device over Bluetooth to play the game Alice in Continent, pun intended. Chen said:

Alice needs to constantly jump around to chase Rabbit Leg-pullers, dodge Lava Leaks, and collect Collagen Elixirs. How do you control the jump action? Not by touching the screen, but by using your pelvic muscles to squeeze on Skea!”

The device and app took off, meeting to original $38,000 goal on Kickstarter and exceeding it to $52,021 in August. Prior to its funding though, the team went through many redesigns. For a $25 backing, they included their original two-ball design meant to be placed in the vagina while the person conducts their daily activities. Chen said:

“Ultimately we came to decide between two great designs, one of which becomes the current Skea and the other design was shelved. We were really upset that we had to let go of a great design but it then occurred to us that it could be turned into a traditional Kegel Exercise aid! So we removed all the electronics and replaced with simple weights.”

The Future of SKEA

SKEA appAfter receiving feedback, requests and suggestions, Chen and the team decided to increase the motor power.

“We have received multiple requests and suggestions for potential erotic function in SKEA, so we decided to upgrade the motor power, which was originally designed just to notify users but now should deliver a decent and adjustable vibration. We may also develop specific Apps so that users with different needs can choose their preference.”

They also were open to the ideas of social features and other games to be associated with SKEA.

According to their Kickstarter, the first round of devices shipped in December. To view the Kickstarter video and how it works, as well as the many health benefits associated with the device, feel free to watch the video below. While the Kickstarter is funded and over, but it’s assumed that Linkcube will continue with their product into 2015.

Images from Linkcube Studios.

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