5 Ways to Be Completely Anonymous Online

Anonymity while surfing on the internet is not easy to maintain. Attackers and government agencies alike keep a track of your web activity and identity, with the former trying to infiltrate your system and violate your privacy. A lot has been going on recently to ring people’s minds with the fact that nobody is safe on the internet these days. Recently, the Ashley Madison Hack compromised over 37 million users. Now that is a staggering amount. It only goes to show how little people do to protect their identity and be anonymous while surfing on the internet.

Cyber terrorism is one of the biggest threats of the 21st century not because it can target entire economies, but because it can affect and destroy the lives of more people than a traditional terrorist attack. That being said, it is difficult to fend off attackers with a 100 percent success rate on your personal system. That is why we look to help you be completely, or near completely, anonymous online with the following methods.

Anonymizing Operating Systems

There are Operating Systems that can be booted via removable media every time you turn on your system. Linux Live Distro is a prime example of this class of Operating Systems. Live OSes like Tails focus keenly on the privacy and security of their users, so they are a good way to be anonymous online. You can even use Virtual Machines, or better still, use a Live OS on a Virtual Machine to achieve the best results.


Tor-enabled browsers are referred to as anonymizing browsers. You only need to enter a Tor network path, and the traffic will be directed via random Tor nodes, helping you maintain your anonymity. Using Tor exclusively though is not a great option as it can be bypassed as well as it greatly slows down connection speed. Coupling it with anonymizing OSes can be a good idea.

Refrain from Using Google

Google is the one search engine nobody can do without, only that it is one of the biggest threats to your privacy. Google tracks your location and identity with staggering efficiency, making it one of the biggest enemies of anonymity online. Instead, you can use DuckDuckGo search engine. Its search results are not as huge and accurate as Google’s, but it has garnered a good reputation for not invading your privacy.

Don’t use Credit Cards

Credit Cards, other than running the risk of attackers stealing your financial details and robbing you off your entire bank balance, are one of the biggest and easiest ways to track the identity and location of the user. Even services like PayPal are directed through a bank account. So it is better to stick to anonymous paying options like bitcoin.

Use Anonymous Connection Methods

Connecting from different locations and networks is a simple way to prevent users from finding out your real geographical location. As tardy as it may sound, it could work quite well. You can also use devices that are built specifically for this purpose, like ProxyGambit. It connects you to your destination through a network that is thousands of miles away from your system via a reverse tunnelled GDM bridge.

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Privacy is everyone’s right, so it is not fair that one would have to fight for it with the odds stacked so unfavourably against him. But necessity is the mother of invention, and in this age where cyber-crimes are so common, the necessity of staying anonymous has resulted in methods discussed in this article to spring up. You can find other methods for yourselves as well to strengthen your guard further.

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  • Don’t search on Internet if you want to have privacy intact!
    For instance, Google wants to know what a searcher had for dinner yesterday because this information helps Google to find that chicken breast is preferred; and Google sells the searchers’ QUERY and preferences in meat to advertisers: Google exploits that people search on Internet using QUERIES.
    Does not matter what you would try, keeping your privacy for yourself – you stay alone against organizations that make money violating and selling your privacy.
    However, Internet can exist without searching, without QUERIES: an advertiser of chicken meat puts his structured advertisement on Internet and the ad searches for people by itself, based on people’s profiles of structured data, which the profiles belong to people, are their property, in their computers and contain information on their preferences in meet. (Read on my name, ‘Ilya Geller’, about my discovery how to structure data.) The use of structured data guarantees you 105% privacy!
    People passively receive information, they don’t search, don’t use QUERIES.
    So, I solved the problem of Internet privacy.

  • In my opinion TOR is to be completely avoided.
    (I think it was the Navy, I don’t remember)
    It has built-in back doors which are completely
    transparent to those who know how to access them.

    As far as the rest of it goes, I think most of it is
    overkill and a big pain in the butt and not really
    all that effective.

    Point #1
    I really don’t care if Google taylors the advertisements that
    I see.
    Advertisements keep the internet and most of it’s
    content completely free.
    Google, although they can not avoid some of the demanded
    “cooperation” foisted off on them by the government,
    appears to me to have at least “some” sense of responsibility.

    Point #2
    The propaganda machine in this country (USA),
    has as it’s primary mission to keep the public in
    a state of constant fear.
    So constant and pervasive that being stressed-out and in an
    emotional state of fear starts to seem completely normal.
    (This is one of the primary reasons that people do
    drugs and alcohol and other stupid sht)

    How about this for a possible scenario……
    What if the government doesn’t actually have enough
    equipment or manpower or even effective software to
    be able to monitor even one tenth of a percent of the
    traffic on the internet ???

    What if all the “breaches of national security” are just
    fictional stories designed to keep you in fear and
    create an excuse for bombing some other country ???

    What if all of the attacks on credit card info are
    completely made-up out of thin air ???

    All you have to do to put everyone into a panick about
    “cyber security” is to have 2 or 3 people swear that they had
    their entire identity stolen and their bank account cleaned out
    by evil hackers from China or Russia.

    Point #3
    If you really want to do something really effective and
    useful, start looking into how YOU can help to
    And, at the same time, encript ALL information packets so
    that only the intended recipient can make any sense out of it.
    And, at the same time, do your part, as much as you can,
    to install and run a MeshNet Node,
    (basically just a high powered router)
    in your car, at your house, and at your workplace.

    These Nodes could also contain a substantial computer and
    loads of memory for assistance with DNS chores as well as
    caching of larger data transfers for your own use, or
    the benefit of others nearby.
    They can also operate as a standalone relay point, as well as
    supplying your internet needs, either or both.
    This will make the internet super fast and bulletproof,
    with complete security.

    Point #4
    Virtually everything bad on this planet is either
    directly, or indirectly, caused by a relatively small
    number of completely insane bankers who think
    they were born to rule the world.
    Their days are numbered, and they know it.
    Things will most likely get really ugly before they get better.
    What you dwell upon in your head is
    what you will experience in reality.
    Visualize your perfect world every chance you get.
    Do not be afraid, regardless of what you experience.
    Do anything you can to make the world a better place.
    You may be the one that makes the difference.

  • For anonymity i think its good idea to use Linux distribution proven to be opensource and privacy targeted. Installation should by luks-dmcrypt encrypted.

    Next thing is Tor browser bundle. Most of the anonymity OSes using this web browser.

    Next thing is email. There search at google: Tor hidden email. Example i tried mail2tor.com which i quite trust. Ofcourse you access such service via Tor so they dont know what is your real IP. Moreover you use multiple email addresses so multiple online activities are not tracked to one single email identity.

    Next thing are payments. Bitcoin is not anonymous, unless one use so called “coin mixing service”, but im unsure which one is good. Some people use perfectmoney.is, they should be located “offshore”.

    At the end, very important is not to use single password for everything. Password should be based on random string. If you have to save passwords and sensitive info., do it in an encrypted way, for example using opensource KeePass.

    Stop using services that you registered with real IP or ask them to be cancelled.

  • I totally agree with you Jim TOR cannot be used. For anonymity I think cheap alternatives like Hide My IP is the right solution, cause you can’t rely on free alternatives.

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