WikiLeaks Moving to International Waters?

According to numerous unnamed sources speaking to Fox News, investors in WikiLeaks are working to purchase a boat so they can move WikiLeaks servers into international waters in order to avoid prosecution and outages. The source did not confirm what part of the world the boat would roam in, but the article at Fox News speculated that the North Sea in England would be a good place for it, given the long-standing independence of Sealand.

A Good Move For WikiLeaks?

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Legally, the move is dubious, for a number of reasons. Some experts say that it would make the data liberationists easier to prosecute and get hold of, while others say that it makes no real difference where a server is located. Everyone involved is aware that what they’ve been up to since the end of the 2000s has been a game of prosecution cat and mouse, with the United States deciding in 2010 that Julian Assange was not protected under the Constitution.

This is largely because he is not engaged in receiving the leaks so much as he is engaged in the solicitation of them. By contrast, if a Hacked writer were to receive leaked documents from a source and reported on them, he would not be implicated in the method by which they were acquired. Similarly, he would have the legal right to not divulge who the source had been. For his own good, he would want to vet that the source was legitimate and that the facts were true, to the best of his ability.

Sealand Probably Not the Destination

Since this whole story appears to be a matter of speculation, speculating a little more won’t hurt anything. When WikiLeaks, which has become increasingly secretive in recent times due to “assassination attempts,” makes a statement on the matter, we will report that.

Meantime, it would seem that moving anywhere near the British Isles would be a bad idea. The group would have to acquire sustenance somehow, and Britain is an incredibly close ally of the United States, the country who wants WikiLeaks members the worst, in connection with high-level breaches of military documents in 2009. Most famously, a video of an Apache crew killing a reporter and making jokes while so doing was an incredibly damning bit for the US.

No, if WikiLeaks were to take on such an operation at all, it would most likely be in the Caribbean, perhaps near the Island of Antigua, which has a long history of ignoring US hegemony of any sort. A haven for online gambling, the chances of them co-operating with international demands for co-operation or information about an aquatic data center seem slim to none.

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