7 Cybersecurity Stats That Every Small Business Should Know in 2023

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If you’re a decision-maker at a small business, the days of casually learning about cybersecurity are over. Data breaches and hacking incidents were already trending; the pandemic changed everything. The move to remote working shifted the security landscape in ways we’re still trying to calculate. But one thing is certain; hacking incidents are way up, … Read more

SmileDirect Reveals the Outrageous Cost of Getting Hacked

SMile Direct

The cost of doing business is high. But, as SmileDirect just learned, that cost rises exponentially if you’ve been hacked. After announcing that it was dealing with a cybersecurity incident yesterday, the stock price of SmileDirectClub Inc (SDC) took a massive hit. And that’s just one of the many high costs that small, mid-size, and … Read more

How to Protect Your Business from Hackers

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Small and medium-sized businesses are prime target for hackers and scammers. If you own a business, you might not know how to protect your livelihood from attackers. This guide will teach you how to protect your business from hackers and prevent losing your income or online accounts. Protecting SMBs from Hackers & ScamsWatch this video … Read more

The Disturbing Facts About Small Businesses That Get Hacked

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Small business owners who haven’t considered a thorough cybersecurity plan may soon find themselves without a business to protect. Hackers became more active and empowered during the global coronavirus pandemic than ever. And small businesses have historically had difficulty recovering from a significant security breach. Cybercriminals have gained access to more small businesses through several … Read more