ICO Analysis: EOS LYNX / WorkCoin

For the first time in the history of crypto, we have a dual token sale. Two tokens for one price. And it appears both projects have serious potential.

Based on the EOS Blockchain, the talented team at WorkCoin is combining EOS LYNX, a souped-up wallet/exchange, with WorkCoin to bring the internet a full peer-to-peer solution for the gig economy.

WorkCoin is the first EOS based protocol for finding, managing and paying freelancers. An open, transparent, fully P2P marketplace for online work that allows users to transact directly using crypto and smart contracts.

“With a hybrid architecture that includes native iPhone and Android apps, fast cloud services, and a smart contract layer built on top of EOS, it is one of the very first consumer-ready blockchain-based marketplaces. It is fully functional today. Our protocol is designed for businesses and developers to build on top of the WorkCoin architecture and create vertical marketplaces for freelance work. These can include local services, specific marketplaces for designers, lawyers, or developers, and marketplaces that integrate into third-party applications such as augmented reality, computer-aided design and project management tools.” (WP)

All applications built on top of the WorkCoin protocol will use the WorkCoin token as a staking token, as one of several ways of making payments within the system, as a means of allocating system resources, and as means of voting changes to the WorkCoin protocol.

(EOS LYNX wallet pictured below)

EOS LYNX: A consumer-focused EOS wallet with a built-in decentralized token exchange. Already released on iOS, Android and desktop, LYNX wallet is specifically geared towards the EOS token ecosystem. It will allow end-users to easily transfer tokens to interact with EOS based dApps. A small fee will be charged for premium features and token exchange. LYNX token will be used for staking and to reduce these fees.

Key features include:

  • Bring in any EOS account into Lynx using your EOS Private Key. This Key is encrypted with military-grade technology on your phone and can only be unlocked with your personal pin. It’s a non-custodial, safe approach backed by the EOS Block Producer App Coalition.
  • Almost instant transactions.
  • Decentralized exchange embedded right inside the wallet. simply click a couple buttons to execute any exchange or transfer.


The price for 1 LYNX and 1 WRK is $0.10 before bonus.

LYNX token: Issued for the benefit of the continuous development of the WorkCoin protocol and the freelance community.  The token’s utility is as a staking vehicle to alleviate trading fees and provide voting on the direction of the project

WRK token: The key utility token within the WorkCoin platform and protocol.

  • Staking coin to eliminate commissions for buyers and sellers.
  • Granted to users to grow the network
  • Only way to pay for sponsored search placements
  • Grants protocol users access to API and voting rights

Since buyers don’t want to risk funding their accounts with an extremely volatile coin, WorkCoin decided to create their own EOS based stable coin that will be pegged one for one with the dollar. Users will be able to buy or sell the coin at participating exchanges.

Both LYNX and WRK Tokens have identical distribution structures

The team tokens vest over four years, 20% per year, with 20% vested on conclusion of the ICO.


This is a top-shelf team.

Fred Krueger- Founder. A legend who’s been in the game over 30 years. Founded Adconion Media Group (a 700 person company with worldwide operations.) He sold eight other companies including MMX and iWin.

Jacob Davis- Co-Founder and Lead iOS Developer. Worked for Microsoft, Aster, AiMatch, Co-Founded Troop.work.

Joey Harward- Co-Founder and Head Android Developer. Also Co-founded troop.work. Seven years at Skinux, four years at Mozart.

Jennet Seegers- Head of Web Development. Is also Senior Developer at Troop.work. Spent three years as a multimedia specialist for the Federal Government.

Cindy Sun- Full Stack Web Developer.  Helped develop ETH and EOS smart contracts. She was Project Manager at Tesla

Ten strong advisors, all worthy of being mentioned.

Not pictured: Nick Soman, Decent Founder.


EOS has been rated the top cryptocurrency by the smart folks in China. They are backed by big-time players. Chances are they will be around for years to come, which makes the LYNX wallet/DEX especially promising.

“There are 1.3 Billion (with a B) videos on Youtube. Creating a coin will be easier and faster than creating an app. And there are several million of those. There will be coins for artwork, events, kickstarter campaigns, small companies — everything. There will be a billion coins.”(Fred Krueger, Founder)


  • LYNX wallet already has some pretty stiff competition with GreyMass and SimpleEOS, although LYNX is the only one with phone versions already. -0.5
  • KYC/AML. “Lynx takes Anti Money Laundering seriously and will enforce rigorous compliance for all amounts that exceed a small daily threshold. All dApps using the Lynx DEX must integrate AML / KYC into their apps, and provide Lynx with the identities of all EOS accounts that trade on the DEX above the minimum threshold, to be stored in a master database”  -0.5
  • Unsold tokens do not get burned, they go back to the reserve for future issuance. -1
  • Lynx does not currently support Block Producer voting. -1
  • Not much transparency. They don’t break down their fund allocation.-1

Growth Potential

  • The group of advisors, including the great Peter Diamandis, and Crystal Rose (Sensay Founder and Brock Pierce’s wife) will give these projects every excuse to succeed. +3
  • They already have both these projects built, you can download and use them here and here. +2
  • By paying initial users in WRK tokens to refer qualified service providers, add listings and make endorsements, the network token will be used to provide and incentivize growth.+2
  • Popular exchange Huobi token has a $100 million market cap. And there are several exchange tokens with higher caps than that. +2
  • LYNX is the only EOS wallet that works on cell phones +2


If you believe in EOS’ future, getting both tokens for $0.10 (before bonus) feels like a no-brainer 7/10 

Investment Details

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