How to Recover Your Disabled Facebook Account After a Hack

If you have been hacked and your Facebook account was disabled due to the hacker’s activity, then there’s still hope to recover it. Many of our clients experience that the hacker posts illegal images or content on their hacked Facebook profiles, leading to the account being disabled by Facebook. This is super annoying and frustrating to deal with. However, that’s how Facebook’s automated filter system works to combat illegal materials.

Do you see any of these prompts when logging into your Facebook account? (See images below.)

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If your account has been permanently disabled, it can still be fixed on some occasions.


If you are, we can still give you a few possible routes to try and recover your disabled Facebook account. We have successfully recovered multiple disabled accounts in the past year, but it is a minor hassle. If you are interested in learning what we do to recover disabled accounts and how the entire Facebook process works, please order our recovery service here.

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