How to Recover a Facebook Business Page

Have you lost your Facebook Business Page or Business Manager to a hacker or disgruntled employee? We understand that losing your page can be frustrating and stressful. The good news is that there are ways to recover it. Below are some examples that may help get your Facebook page back.

Hacked Facebook Account, where it often starts

Most stolen Facebook Business Pages are stolen when a personal account is hacked. Suppose the personal Facebook account had admin access to a business page. In that case, the hacker often transfers the admin rights to their private Facebook account and removes the hacked account as an admin from the Facebook Business Page. In most cases, the hacker then posts illegal content on the hacked personal Facebook account to ensure that Facebook disables the account. This makes it much harder for the original user of the Facebook account and the rightful owner of the Facebook Business Page or Facebook Business Manager to recover their account.

A Disgruntled Employee or Marketing Company

We have had multiple cases where the employer forgets to remove, e.g., admin rights of employees that have been fired. If the breakup with the employee was difficult, then in some cases, the fired employee wants to “get revenge.” If the fired employee has admin access to the company’s business manager or Facebook business page, they could remove all other admins from accessing the page or business manager. This immediately stops the company’s promotional possibilities on Facebook and could devastate the overall revenue.

We have also seen this occur when a marketing company runs its ads and posts stories on its Facebook business page. When the company ended its business relationship with the marketing company, it took over its Facebook business manager and business page.

To company owners and leaders: Be very aware of the possibility that your fired employee or marketing company might have company access to your online assets. You should always check their admin privileges and access to your online accounts before firing them.

Don’t Worry; We Can Help.

If you or your company have lost a Facebook Business Page or a Facebook Business Manager, we can help. We have recovered more than 500 Facebook Business accounts in the past years. The usual turnaround time is from 48 hours up to two weeks. Even if the original admin’s Facebook Account has been permanently disabled, we can recover the business page.

If you need expert help, please schedule a call with us here.

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