The 2 Hottest EOS Projects

The EOS ecosystem is developing at a breakneck speed. There are 75 EOS blockchain tokens currently listed on Newdex Exchange. To put this into perspective, most crypto holders have never heard of Newdex Exchange. Although there are already several quality projects, a large majority of those 75 tokens are gaming/gambling sites such as the massively popular EOSeven.

Ignoring gambling dapps, the two current hottest EOS projects are WORBLI and eosBLACK.


WORBLI is the world’s first compliant financial services network. It’s a sister-chain of EOS that has spent many months acquiring the most skilled EOS block producers to produce blocks for WORBLI as well.

WORBLIS enterprise blockchain ecosystem will feature the following;

  • Commodity markets
  • Crypto exchanges
  • KYC verified accounts
  • Traditional banks
  • Integrations
  • Payment processing
  • Card processors
  • Many more products and dapps

The blockchain went live on November 2nd. The user portal that allows people to register accounts will be available on November 21st.

Sharedrop Event

To show love to the EOS community, WORBLI is sharing 1 billion of the 3 billion total WBI token supply. Details:

  • On Sept 7th, a snapshot of the EOS blockchain was taken.
  • On November 21, users will be able to create and verify their WORBLI accounts through the portal. Once verified, they can claim their WBI sharedrop. 1 WBI : 1 EOS
  • Recipients who create an account between Nov 21-30 will receive a 10% bonus on their sharedrop.

Here’s an interesting interview with their strategic advisor, David Packham, the co-founder of EOS42, a top 10 Block Producer for EOS, explaining the massive potential of WORBLI.

EOS Black

“EOS Black is a multiverse that contributes to the expansion of the DApp ecosystem based on EOS.IO and builds optomized models for governance, consensus, incentives, and exonomy through the collaborative platform Crypto Factory”

BLACK token was released as a free airdrop to EOS holders. It has been the most in-demand EOS airdrop to date. When it started getting tracked it was worth 600 sats. Now just over 6 weeks later, it’s at 4100. Now, thats hot.

After reading through their whitepaper, it’s no mystery as to why BLACK token has taken off so fast – they are promising the world. They will be offering staking as well as airdrops of every new DApp token that builds through eosBLACK. They also talk about a DAC voting system.

Yes, the future looks extremely bright for this awesome experiment we call EOS.

Disclaimer: The writer owns EOS and BLACK (from the original snapshot)

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.


Joshua Larson is also known as the "Bullshit Man" for his ability to spot it a mile away. Avid ICO researcher and contributor. Former professional poker player/backer. Spent 10 years analyzing hand history, stats, and player data. Discovered blockchain in late 2016, and never looked back. He now uses his analysis skills to investigate ICOs full time. What a perfect match, because in today's crazy world of ICOs, information, passion, and diligence = dollar bills!