Someone May Have Accessed Your Account

Facebook occasionally sends out emails to users, warning them about unauthorized access to your account. If you’ve received one of these emails before, it can be confusing and scary to try and figure out what you should do. This guide will teach you what to do when Facebook tells you that someone may have accessed your account.

The Someone May Have Accessed Your Account Email

If you’re lucky enough never to have received this email, you may be confused about its contents. Facebook sends out an email titled “Someone may have accessed your account” if they suspect a third party has logged into your Facebook account. While the exact wording of the email has differed over the years, the point is the same. This email is a way of warning users about potential unwanted access.

Accessed Facebook Account email
This is an example of the “Someone may have accessed your account” email. | Source: Hacked/W.S.Worrall

The above example should give you a pretty good idea of what to look out for. If you ever receive this email, you should take immediate action to secure your account.

What to Do if Someone May Have Accessed Your Account

The first step you can take when you receive this email is to click the link provided. Facebook provides you with a link to their secure portal to help you regain control of your account. You may have to prove your identity, either with one of your 2FA options or by naming people on your friend list by picture alone.

If for some reason, the email doesn’t contain this link, you should try to change your password. If you can’t change your password, check out our guide on recovering your Facebook account. It’ll teach you all of the methods you have at your disposal to secure and recover your account.

Facebook Recovery Options Report
In our 2021 report, we ranked Facebook’s recovery options as the worst in class, so you should take every step you can to keep your account safe. | Source: Hacked

If you can’t recover your account, try one of our Facebook account recovery sessions. These sessions are designed to give you the best chance possible at recovering your Facebook account rather than losing it. Also included is a follow-up session to secure your account against future attacks.

Further Steps You Can Take

You can take further actions to prevent someone from accessing your account in the future. To keep your account as secure as possible, follow our Facebook account security guide. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about keeping your Facebook account safe from hackers and scammers.

The simplest action you can take to protect yourself is to invest in our protection packages. These packages include yearly security audits to ensure your security is always top-notch, as well as free online content removal and free recovery sessions to help you if a hacker breaches your account.

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