ICO Analysis: Layer Protocol (LRX)

With the sharing economy industry poised to soon surpass $40 billion in revenues, the profit potential is massive. Companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Zipcar depend on user ratings and reviews to give potential customers insight into assets or services before they commit to using them. The issue with the current reputation management system is that it is exclusive to each company and not shared. This allows users with bad reviews to go from one company to another.

Layer Protocol will solve this issue and tap into this enormous industry by allowing companies to share user reputation history while maintaining security utilizing the blockchain. Layer Protocol is a borderless reputation and incentive system designed to unify the sharing economy companies around the world. Layer Protocol will help establish decentralized reputations that can move freely from sharing platform to sharing platform.


LRX is an ERC20 token that will provide economic incentives for scalable computation of reputation scores through master nodes, and drives community governance. Companies using Layer are also incentivized to use LRX for rewards and accept LRX for payments. Layer Protocol has a partnership with Spin, North America’s leading electric personal mobility company, which will give their blockchain protocol and LRX use from the onset. Spin has over 70 markets in the U.S., with thousands of scooters and bikes on the street, and has been heavily featured on The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and The Washington Post. As Layer’s first partner, Spin will use Layer to power their reputation system, and accept the LRX token as payment for rentals, in addition to fiat.

There will be a total supply of 1 billion LRX tokens with 400 million available for purchase during the token sale. The token price is 1 LRX = $0.0375 USD with a hard cap of $15,000,000 USD. Team tokens will be vested for a 2-year period.


The Layer Protocol team appears solid bringing leadership and experience from companies such as Y Combinator, Lyft, Samsung, Fitbit, and Stanford.

Team member Euwyn Poon is an entrepreneur, lawyer and software engineer who has been involved in the blockchain industry for five years. In 2014, he co-founded Delta, one of the first projects to offer interest-bearing bitcoin accounts, which was backed by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, and Winklevoss Capital. He graduated from Cornell and has spoken at CoinSummit London and Inside Bitcoins and has been featured on Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Vice, CNBC and Fox Business Network.

Advisers include:

  • David Chen: Former Partner at Lightspeed
  • Kenzi Wang: General Partner at AU21, a blockchain fund
  • Dmitry Grishin: Co-founder of Grishin Robotics, Mail.ru (DST), one of Russia’s largest internet companies
  • Peter Szeli: Partner at Skyline Capital Group
  • Michael Ma: General Partner at Liquid 2 Ventures
  • Gee Chuang: Co-founder of Ink Protocoland Listia
  • Josh Fraser: Co-founder of Origin Protocol
  • Matthew Liu: Co-founder of Origin Protocol
  • Firoz Khan: Founder of Decentralised Chain
  • Chandler Guo: Blockchain investor (ETH, NEO, Qtum, Binance, Huobi, Gate.io)


Layer Protocol will provide economic incentives for scalable computation of reputation scores, which will encourage adoption of the protocol and drive community governance. As well as a decentralized reputation system for the global sharing economy, Layer Protocol aims to be a decentralized credit scoring agency which will help accelerate the growth of the sharing economy. If mass adoption and implementation occur, the future looks bright for Layer Protocol.


  • Spin has committed to adopting Layer Protocol as its de facto reputation, rewards, and payment system. There is an internal prototype that’s being tested with Spin, but it’s not open sourced or on the testnet yet. -2
  • As with all industries that can benefit from blockchain technology, there will be competitors to Layer Protocol, such as Reputoken and others are sure to follow. However, Layer Protocol does have a leg up on the competition with their partnership with Spin. -1

Growth Potential

  • Having partnerships clearly increases the chance of success for an ICO. As well as having Spin set to use Layer Protocol, the company has also partnered with other blockchain players, including Origin Protocol, Insights Network, and Quantstamp. +4
  • The team members and advisers bring the necessary experience to achieve the project’s goals. The team is also showing commitment to the success of the project by having a 2-year vesting period. +3.5
  • Savvy investors searching for projects that include the option to own masternodes will be pleased to learn that masternodes will be available with LRX. +2.5


2018 is an exciting time for blockchain technology. So much innovation is happening with new ICOs launching on a daily basis. Many of these ICOs have nothing more than a whitepaper and are created without solid use cases. Spin has committed to using Layer Protocol which grants a use case from day one. As more sharing economy companies come onboard, Layer Protocol has the potential to be one of the ICO success stories in 2018. Layer Protocol receives a 7 out of 10 rating.

Investment Details

  • Token Symbol: LRX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Price: 1 LRX = 0.0375 USD
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 LRX
  • Available for Purchase: 400,000,000 LRX
  • Hard Cap: $15,000,000 USD
  • Pre-Sale: On-Going
  • Main Sale: TBA
  • Payments Accepted: ETH

For more information regarding Layer Protocol:

Website: layerprotocol.com
Telegram: t.me/layerprotocol