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How To Remove Unwanted Videos From YouTube

YouTube has provided a video platform to millions of users. Since anyone can upload almost anything, that leaves users open to abuse and the sharing of personal information.

What do you do if you fall victim to the sharing of your personal information? Below are the best ways to have offending videos removed from YouTube.

1. Contact The Video Uploader

YouTube - Contact User
YouTube doesn’t offer direct contact to users, but you can usually find ways to contact them on their channel page. | Source: W.S.Worrall

YouTube does not provide a way of contacting users directly. Instead, click on the channel name under the video. On the users’ channel, you can usually find social media links in the banner or an e-mail address in the ‘about’ section.

Including this information is optional for each user.

2.Reporting the Video to YouTube

YouTube - Reporting Tutorial
YouTube’s built-in reporting feature is designed to protect users and companies from bad actors. | Source: W.S.Worrall

YouTube has a built-in report feature to help users get rid of videos that infringe on their rights. Click the triple dotted icon under the video, then select ‘report’. Next, select the ‘infringes my rights’ option, and pick the ‘invades my privacy’ option from the drop-down menu.

3. Contacting the Authorities

Online Harms White Paper - BBC
The UK recently set out new approaches to tackling harmful acts online. | Source: BBC

In extreme cases of abuse or harassment, your local authorities should be your next point of contact. Document the video(s) in case the abuser tries to remove evidence, then find the contact details for your local police force. Depending on your location, your local authorities may have a specific branch or department specializing in online harassment and abuse.

If all else fails you, contact us and we’ll fight your corner.

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