How to Remove Unwanted Pictures From Instagram

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 Instagram allows people to post pictures and share them with friends, fans, and family. That connectivity comes with risks. Private and personal images can be misused and shared across the platform by bullies or criminals.

What if this happens to you? What do you do about it? Here are the best ways to get pictures removed from the world’s biggest image platform:

1. Ask the Poster to Remove It

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This might seem obvious, but in many cases, if an Instagram account posts pictures of you that you don’t like you can simply ask them to remove it. Simply visiting the profile of the account that posted your picture, politely ask them to remove it, and link to the photo in question.

If the poster has uploaded a group photo you happen to be in and they’re a reasonable person, they’ll probably remove it. At the very least they should hopefully offer to blur out your face and re-upload the image.

Of course, this only works if the account in question isn’t someone out to get you. If that’s the case then more serious action becomes necessary.

2. Document and Report the Post

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If you do not get a positive response to your message, or know outright that the poster will not be cooperative, then it’s time to get serious. Firstly, you should document the post. Take a screenshot of the offending post straight away. This will give you evidence of wrongdoing in case the person removes the post and you wish to pursue legal action.

The next thing you want to do is report the post itself, or even the account, to Instagram. Unlike some social media platforms, Instagram does not have an option for removing photos of yourself posted by others directly in the app. Instead, you should use this form to report the account and the content they have posted.

If you don’t have a profile, you have to use this form instead.

3. Contact the Authorities

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This step should be reserved for only extreme cases. For simply posting photos that you don’t like, the police aren’t going to make you a priority. However, in extreme cases of intimate photos, blackmail, or the sharing of personal information, the authorities should be your immediate next step after contacting Instagram themselves.

Email or telephone your local authorities. Make sure that you include the screenshot that you took in the last step and as much information as you can. Depending on your location there may be specific branches of law enforcement that deal with cybercrime and harassment.

If all other avenues fail, contact us at and we can fight your corner for you.

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