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What to Do if Your Business or Employees Are Hacked

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats facing modern businesses. The number of hacking attacks grows year on year, as does the amount of financial damage these attacks can inflict. When a hacker attacks your business or employees, it can be difficult to understand what you need to do. This guide will teach you what to do if your business or employees are hacked.

What to Do if Your Business or Employees Are Hacked

How to Spot a Hacker Attacking

The first part of preventing damage from a hacker’s attack is to have a system in place to spot such attacks. Make sure that your system keeps detailed access logs, and be sure to check them regularly. If you notice someone is accessing your system from an unfamiliar location, block their access immediately.

You should also check your business bank account statements as often as possible. Mysterious transactions are a sign that someone has breached your system. Consider contacting the bank to block all transactions for a temporary amount of time or activate additional security procedures.

Hackers will let you know when they’re attacking you in many cases. Typically, hackers are after money or information and usually send out a ransom request or otherwise take credit for the attack. While it’s not advisable to leave yourself open to attacks, hearing from a hacker is one surefire way to know someone has attacked you.

What to Do if Your Business or Employees Are Hacked

Your first response, if your business or employees are hacked, will depend on the situation. We’ve listed below several common attack types and how you should respond to them.


Ransomware is a widespread form of cyberattack. Hackers have targetted everything from large companies to government bodies using ransomware. Typically, the hacker installs ransomware on your system, locking up your files so you can’t use them. The hacker will then demand a ransom to return your files.

If a hacker attacks you with ransomware, your first step should be to isolate any infected computers or systems. Isolating the infected technology can prevent the ransomware from spreading too far.

How to protect your business from ransomware infographic
Hackers use ransomware to attack businesses because it’s a way to incentivize large and prompt payments. | Source: ITgovernance

Next, you should alert the authorities. Ransomware is blackmail, quite a serious crime in many countries. Not only will the authorities provide you with important advice, but they might also be able to stop the attacker from attacking others.

Another important step is to talk to a cybersecurity expert. In many cases, an expert in digital security might be able to recover your files without needing the help of the hacker.

Data Breach

Data breaches are possible both for your business as well as for your business’s employees and customers. Hackers will break into your system and skim as much data as possible, typically to sell online or for further hacking activity.

If hackers breach your sensitive data, the main thing you can do is inform those who are affected. If you’re a company that deals with the public, it’s a terrible PR move to have a data breach, but an even worse move to have an undisclosed data breach.

You should also take steps to discover how hackers breached your system and close up the gap. Once hackers have data, it’s tough to stop them from having it anymore. The best bet for both your business and your employees or customers is for you to be sure exactly what was taken and be upfront about it to those affected.

Social Media Account Hack

Facebook Worst in Class
Among all social media services, Facebook is the worst for those who’ve been hacked. | Source: Hacked.com

Social media account hacks are prevalent. While you might disregard an employee’s Facebook account being hacked, you shouldn’t do so. Not only will helping your employee mean a better working relationship, but it also boosts your own digital security. You should also be aware that hackers can obtain access to your business’s Facebook page as well.

If you notice a social media hack, your first step should be to change any passwords associated with the account. If you can’t access the account anymore, go through the social media service’s recovery options to regain access to your account.

We’ve provided various guides to each of the different social media accounts and how you should go about recovering them after an attack.







Prevent Attacks Before They Happen

The best thing you can do about hackers attacking you is to prevent them from breaching your system in the first place. Part of protecting your system is to ensure that everyone who uses it has a good understanding of cybersecurity. We’ve written a guide that will teach you exactly how best to protect your business and employees.

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