Artificial General Intelligence is Upon Us, and it’s Time to Prepare

Sam Altman, the past and current CEO of OpenAI, might have hidden results about a secret project named Q* (Q-star) for the previous board.

As noted by The Information:

OpenAI Made an AI Breakthrough Before Altman Firing, Stoking Excitement and Concern


This seems to be one of the likely reasons why the board fired Sam Altman and wanted to merge with Anthropic, known for its caution regarding AI advancement.

So what is Q*?

A Glimpse into a Potentially Alarming Future.

The initiative Q*, spelled Q-star, is part of OpenAI’s pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI), a stage of AI where machines could surpass human intellect. AGI has long been a subject of both fascination and concern in the tech world, and Q* represents a significant stride in this direction.

Q* might seem unassuming with its current ability to solve basic mathematical problems at a grade-school level, but this simplicity masks its potential implications. The fact that it can learn and solve these problems is a warning sign of its evolving capabilities, nudging us closer to a future where AI’s intelligence could exceed our own.

While the full extent of Q*’s abilities remains unverified, its development raises crucial questions about the future of AI and its impact on society. OpenAI’s progress with Q* is a stark reminder of the rapid advancements in AI and the urgent need to address the ethical and practical challenges these technologies may bring.

How can you prepare for something like Q* and AGI?

While it’s impossible for us at this stage to know the consequences of releasing a potential AGI, here are some thoughts I have on this matter:

Your online data will be hoarded

Your online information, such as images, descriptions, and connections, will be hoarded and stored. An AGI will make a full profile of you; depending on how they want to use it, you’re at their mercy.

What can you do?

Start by removing as much information as possible without limiting what you deem necessary for your profession and personal life. Limit the information you publish, including images and videos of yourself.

Turn off tracking, use virtual private networks, and browse in private mode.

Limit your activities on social media platforms to the bare minimum. They have activity logs of everything you’ve ever done.

Be vigilant. Limit your online network and only accept new connections you know well. Ensure those connections are real humans.

Fight for your privacy rights in your country and ensure companies protect your data without giving public access or API access that can be misused by an AGI.

Jonas Borchgrevink

An AGI may Target You

For whatever reason, you might end up being targeted by an AGI. The reasons could be many:

  • Blackmail
  • Deception and social engineering
  • Some entity or person that controls the AGI wants to harm you, your network, your company, or your country.
  • Stealing company or military secrets
  • Gather more intel, and unfortunately, you’re just a random victim.

There are probably more reasons why an AGI might target you, but these are the ones that first struck my mind.

It’s time to get paranoid.

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Featured image by Midjourney and Jonas Borchgrevink.