How to Remove Images from Google

google search on mobile and laptop

Google is a powerful search tool, allowing users to collate data from all over the internet. Google Image Search is a big part of the search engine’s success. The power behind this tool doesn’t always work for the greater good. If you’ve found an image on Google you need to remove, then this guide will … Read more

Is Google Our Gravest Single Point of Failure?

google error monkey on screen

The recent Google outage caused panic on social media. Users were distraught to suddenly lose access to YouTube, Emails, and even the world’s biggest search engine, all at once. This outage raises a grave security concern. Has Google become the world’s single point of failure? What is a Single Point of Failure? A single point … Read more

Largest Breaches and Hacks of 2020, The Year of the Digital Pandemic

2020 data breach and a hacker

2020 has been one of the worst years for cybersecurity. Researchers have recorded a huge spike in phishing scams. Healthcare companies expect ransomware attacks to have quadrupled this past year. Despite data breaches increasing by 67% since 2014, only 33% of US citizens have ever checked if they’ve suffered a breach. The Biggest Data Breaches … Read more

Having issues with your Google, Gmail or Youtube Account? Don’t Worry!

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Multiple Google services are down this morning. We have received multiple requests from concerned Google-users that they are unable to login into their accounts. These services are affected: Gmail Google Suite Youtube Google Maps The Google services started to fail on Monday, December 14th, 2020, around 06:30 Eastern Time. The Google outage seems to be … Read more

How to Secure Your Google Account

Google on a mobile phone and a mac with coffee next to the comptuer

Your Google account is used across several online services. It’s necessary for Gmail, YouTube, and cloud productivity software like Drive and Docs. With so many different services requiring a Google account, you must keep your account safe. What can you do to protect yourself from hackers and scammers? Below are the steps you need to … Read more

How To Recover a Hacked Google Account

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Google is one of the world’s biggest internet companies. They provide search engine services for billions of people and have their hands in online video streaming, game streaming, and just about anything else you can think of. A Google account is pretty much a necessity in modern life. But that doesn’t mean that your Google … Read more