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Huge Rise in Hacking Attempts and Tech Companies Can’t Keep Up

Hacking attempts have increased drastically during the Covid-19 pandemic, and homeworkers are especially vulnerable. The real danger now is not necessarily being hacked, but the lost ability to recover online accounts. We have learned first hand that multiple tech companies, like Facebook, struggle with human resources that drastically reduces their support quality and time.

One of our clients that we are helping to recover his Facebook account has received the following response from Facebook:

Hi xxxx,

We have fewer people available to review IDs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
We’re only able to review IDs for the most urgent cases. This means we can’t review your ID right now. Please try again at a later date. Thank you for understanding.

The Facebook Team


facebook response to a hacked user
Facebook’s response to our client. Image by Jonas Borchgrevink.

They state that they only review IDs for the most urgent cases. What does this mean? Our client has lost access to his own Facebook account that he has had for multiple years. The hacker has been able to take over the account and misuse it. The hacker has tried to scam his friends on Facebook and posted multiple pictures on his own profile. If this is not an urgent case, what does Facebook define as urgent?

It is horrendous that large tech companies like Facebook cannot keep up with the increase in hacking cases where their own users are being locked out of their accounts, extorted, and scammed. The spotlight should be on them and how they protect their users’ personal information, especially when privacy laws are strengthening.

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