ZenCash Price Sees Strong Performance After Supernode Upgrade

ZenCash (ZEN) is one of the small handful of coins in the market cap top-100 to have recorded clear gains over the last twenty-four hours, as most of the altcoins struggle to maintain Bitcoin’s relative stability.

ZEN coins are currently up around 4% for the day, climbing from a price of $27.90 yesterday to the current value of $29.98 this morning. That doesn’t necessarily tell the whole tale however, as ZenCash has been fluctuating wildly all day long.

At one point in the last twenty-four hours ZEN coins peaked at $31.95, before falling back down to $28.31. A couple of hours later and the coin jumped back up to $31.16, before eventually levelling out.

Even at the current retracement, ZenCash is still up a ridiculous 39.9% for the week, after climbing from July 13th’s valuation of $20.71. The monthly numbers are even better – showing a 48% growth over the space of thirty days since June 20th’s price of $19.52.

We could probably count on one hand the number of coins in the top-100 to have recovered their valuations for the month, and ZenCash – unexpectedly perhaps – is among them.

Supernode Upgrade

The official ZenCash Twitter team have had a lot to announce in the last twenty-four hours, will an upgrade to their network having just recently been completed. The upgrade targeted many areas of the protocol, but perhaps the biggest difference is the addition of ‘supernodes’.

The Twitter team dropped the following announcement less than twenty hours ago:

“It’s a wrap! Zen’s mandatory software upgrade executed flawlessly! The updated software included significant code improvements and adjusted the rewards to add a new node class: Super Nodes. Special thanks to our miners and node operators!”

Perhaps the best explanation of supernodes comes from ZenCash themselves, in what sounds like a juiced-up version of masternode operators:

“Like Secure Nodes, the Super Node network has enhanced point-to-point encryption. Super Nodes will be tasked with managing key network and system functions such as hosting multiple services on sidechains, tracking and measuring Secure Node uptime, and queuing the node payment schedule for miners.”

Supernode Requirements

ZEN’s supernodes come with many of the same technical requirements as masternodes, although the hardware specifications are not necessarily as beefy as one would assume.

ZenCash say that just 8GB of RAM is required to run a supernode, along with a 100GB storage space. Likewise, a multi-core CPU is hardly an expensive purchase in this day and age, while the requirement to be online and running 96% of the time is actually a lot less than many masternodes, which often demand 99-100% uptime.

According to this tweet from the ZEN team, supernodes are up and running and ready to earn 10% of the block rewards:

“Super Node earnings start TODAY. Thanks for helping us test the servers and infrastructure during the ramp-up period!”

Ultimately, the success of ZenCash’s upgrade appears to have given them legs when most of the market has lost theirs.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.

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