Zcash Price Analysis: ZEC/USD Penetrating Vital Resistance, Which is Key for Greater Upside


  • Zcash has remained elevated over the past few days, as a result of potential speculation across the social media space regarding a Coinbase listing.
  • ZEC/USD bulls must break down supply area heading into $140, to unlock chunky buying pressure.

ZEC/USD bulls have been pressing hard to break above the very stubborn resistance, which is seen just above the $140 price territory. For going on six sessions now, the price has failed to clear the above supply area. It is seen tracking from $138 up to $140. ZEC/USD has not been above this territory since 28th September. There has been much penetration of this, which very well could suggest a strong breakout to come.

Zcash Speculation

Efforts by Coinbase to expand its offering has raised speculation that ZEC may be due for consideration. As recently reported, the largest U.S exchange, announced the listing of Basic Attention Token (BAT) on its trading platform and apps. Elsewhere, they opened the doors for trading 0x (ZRX), which was the first ERC-20 token to have been listed on the platform. Given these moves, there has been continued speculation across the social media space regarding possible listing of Zcash along with the likes of Cardano (ADA), and Stellar (XLM).

Technical Review – ZEC/USD

ZEC/USD daily chart

The ZEC/USD bulls are having a hard time, as their rallies continue to be short-lived due to repetitive failure to breach key resistance. On each occasion the price has entered the detailed supply area, heading into $140, it has been sent back south by some force. It could very well be that ZEC/USD is moving within consolidation mode, after the chunky recent surge. The bulls had seen a decent run from October 31st. Gains seen within this period were a chunky 20%.

Support Levels

Looking to the downside, a decent level of daily support can be eyed just sub-$128. During the current form of consolidation eyed, this area has proven to be of use. Further south, eyes would be back on the breached pennant pattern. This is where ZEC/USD began its most recent forceful upside trend. The price had managed to catch some bidding at the lower part of the pattern to then see a breakout to the upside. A potential pullback to the pennant could see the price around $118.

Upside Targets

Should the market bulls manage to gather enough upside momentum, eyes will be on another retest of the supply heading into $140. A breach above will likely see the price heading for another supply zone, observed at $145. ZEC/USD last traded here on 28th September, before resuming its downward trend. Further north, the highs seen early September within the $160 territory. Lastly, any move above here, could likely see some strong buying pressure, with a fast move back into $200.

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