YouTube is Not Feeling Threatened by Facebook

YouTube Bug Let Security Researcher Delete Anyone's VideosRecent reports suggest that Google is not concerned by social media mogul Facebook’s move into video content.

Google’s YouTube is currently the reigning king of video online, and according to Robert Kyncl from YouTube, the company is not threatened by Facebook in any way.

People use Facebook, particularly on mobile, more often than many other applications, including video. If Facebook’s moves toward integrating its own video feeds over and above those of YouTube and other services, as well as integrating text, are any indication, than much of this content service could fall off of Google’s sphere of influence. However, Kyncl told the Financial Times that the video market is expanding quickly and that it will be a long time before Facebook and YouTube will even need to compete for viewers.

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Advertising on video platforms has become a lucrative business. Advertising overall netted Google $3.62 billion in 2014. The more people that are using YouTube as their video platform, the more Google stands to gain in advertising revenue, as it will be able to play the ads in the absence of any way to block them. So long as people go online to search for video content, and YouTube is dominant, essentially, the search king will be king of video as well.

Google is Comfortable with YouTube

Google first launched its video service that competed with YouTube, but later acquired the company when it saw the potential. Eventually, Google Video was phased out, and YouTube became the video property of Google. There remain several competitors, and some of these have managed to overtake niche markets, such as Vimeo, which seems to have more influence among artistic communities.

The ability of the user’s to generate content at the same time as generate advertising revenue has proven to be a dynamic and profitable platform since its inception. The proliferation of cell phone cameras and webcams has led to a booming culture of online video creators, some of whom have managed to turn their viral video skills into careers. In more recent times, micro video sites have begun to share in the market, with Vine seeing massive success due in part to its minimalist video format.

There are few sure things in the technology world, but one is that Google is big in any market it picks. Despite its presence, others manage to thrive, with Dropbox being a good example of this. The Internet is, after all, a huge market, and there is room for more than just Google. However YouTube, for the present, will not be concerned by Facebook or any other competitor because, as Kyncl points out, there are just too many viewers, there are enough for everyone.

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