Winter Is Upon Us

Acorn gathering season was cut short, let’s hope you took some profits and got to high ground before the deluge. Even the big Chinese exchanges are ceasing operations. The madness has sent the Bitcoin price running away from $4,000, and in the melee a lot of otherwise solid valuations are taking a beating. The fundamental flaw in how all cryptocurrencies are valued – the amount of bitcoins and thus the amount of fiat – is revealed when the price begins to plummet. People still have faith in all those tokens, after all, they’re just losing value as the market goes.

So what’s the move? If you haven’t sold already, there’s not a lot of recent room left to do it. If it’s something you think you might do, we urge you to make that move sooner than later. Everyone seems to think there will be buying opportunities beneath $3,000 coming up, so re-entry should be possible – and will likely be profitable. Every great dip and depression Bitcoin is followed by an upheaval of massive proportions, we’re not seeing much to tell us this one will be any different.

Spoke to a Hacked subscriber who sold at a profit, but probably late to the profit party. He was upset about some losses. I informed him that if he had losses, they were of the theoretical variety – you don’t have losses before you actually lose the tokens. Unless we’re talking about margin trading, a whole different form of savagery which had its own carnage over the past many days.

The market will have to shake people out now and then. The only players left from China will be those who’ve got the courage left to defy the government. The government itself will find some form of blockchain technology that it blesses and allows to monopolize, and other Asian-born and oriented financial technologies will have to find a way to work around that. NEO has a chance to be one of them, as does Walton. Or both. And more. There’s a lot of room for innovation yet. The Chinese government is probably mostly mad that it has missed out on the opportunity. If anyone was in a position to speculate on the moves of the market, they would have been working in the Peoples Bank of China. Perhaps the initial news, but the market reaction and the subsequent slowness to clarify, that was all very telling in the actions of the Chinese government.

The author can tell you that he will be acquiring more of everything in this down market.



P. H. Madore has covered the cryptocurrency beat over the course of hundreds of articles for Hacked's sister site, CryptoCoinsNews, as well as some of her competitors. He is a major contributing developer to the Woodcoin project, and has made technical contributions on a number of other cryptocurrency projects. In spare time, he recently began a more personalized, weekly newsletter at