Windows 10 Already On 14 Million PCs

Giving away Windows 10 may be proving to be a good strategy as far as getting the software out there. Microsoft reports just two days later that 14 million computers are now running the latest version of Windows. Still, Microsoft is shooting to have Windows 10 installed on a billion devices within three years. From that view, they’ve got a long way to go.

Microsoft is still working to deliver Windows 10 to everyone who requested it, according to a recent blog post. The company is more concerned about establishing a new foothold with its new platform than it is about profiting from Windows 10 directly, at this point.

Two days ago, Microsoft wrote in its Office blog about new apps that were now available for Windows 10. From their blog:

The Office Mobile apps—Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote—are built from the ground up for touch, offer the familiar experience that Office customers expect, and deliver the capabilities people need for on-the-go productivity on Windows 10 tablets and small screen devices.

It seems that Microsoft is more interested in profiting from its other offerings, all of which are best delivered on Windows 10. For all normal purposes, Windows remains king of the desktop, regardless what edition the user has installed. Users being able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free on hardware that will support it, regardless if they had previously installed pirated versions of Windows, will help to solidify Microsoft’s command of the market.

Image from Anton Watman / Shutterstock.



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