Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Metal Coin

The current blockchain and ICO investing climate is very much in favour of grand solutions that are going to “revolutionize business” and other extremes along that line. But these companies are missing a very real problem in the crypto world: many potential users are still afraid of investing in them.

Right now there is a lot of opportunity in consumer facing applications. If any protocol can figure out how to harness the interest of consumers while making it much more accessible than Bitcoin, they have a major opportunity. This is a lot of why Coinbase has been so successful – they are considered to be the simplest to deal with.

Introducing Metal Coin

With a special focus on day-to-day usability, Metal Coin (MTL) is an ERC20 token that rewards users with free tokens when they spend cash, send crypto, receive crypto, or convert fiat to crypto (applies vice versa as well). Using the app to do any of these actions can earn up to 5% back in MTL tokens.

This may sound like a ludicrous and infeasible reward, but it is very similar to how credit card companies currently work. And blockchain companies are generally run in a more streamlined manner with lower overhead, which could explain the higher than expected payout.

Basic Use of Metal

Signing up for Metal is designed in a streamlined manner so it is easy to get your money into the system and then you start getting paid in MTL right away as you use it. The process for payouts is referred to as Proof of Processed Payment (PoPP) which distributes coins when payments or transfers have been verified.

As with any other cryptocurrency investment, users must verify their identity and be fully compliant with KYC rules relevant to Metal. Your MTL can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens, and there is a special web wallet called Metal Vault available as well.

Current Performance of Metal

Metal suffered a lot in the 2018 crash, and has continued to go down since then. From a peak of ~$11.00, it has now dropped to around $0.67. This can be seen as a bad thing, or it could be an opportunity to capitalize on. Metal is likely to move in sync with the entire crypto market, since it is an entrance funnel for funds. If you believe crypto is going to make a comeback (which I assume you do if you’re reading this), then MTL would be a high-correlation bet on the entire industry.

The team has been working on expanding Metal since 2016 and is continuing to distribute MTL tokens through PoPP as more users perform transactions. Ideally, these tokens become higher in value as the demand in the Metal app grows.

In a lot of ways, MTL has the potential to become a gateway to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for many users. Metal is a cryptocurrency designed to capitalize on the current inaccessibility of cryptocurrency by marrying it with the rampant mobile payment trend. Consumers are generally drawn into the idea of “free tokens”, and it ends up working as a “gateway drug” of sorts to other cryptocurrencies.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.