Why Investors Should Be Paying Attention to Digitex Futures Token

Right now, to say cryptocurrencies are in a bit of a valley is an understatement. Since January 2018, there has been a consistent downtrend or plateau for much of the year. We’ve heard many crypto-naysayers declare that this is the death of crypto, or that these assets are only now trading at their fair market value, but there is a more likely situation.

Cryptocurrencies are in a natural part of the market cycle where they have dropped a lot, are consolidating, and will eventually go through another bubble and run-up. Yes, this bubble will crash again, but at a higher valuation. This is how many market cycles have gone for nearly every asset from equities to gold.

Making Bets on Crypto’s Return

So the next question to ask is: what should you do if you want to bet on cryptocurrency having a swift comeback. Now, we are going to use a metaphor here. If you invest in a car company, you need that company to do well, whereas if you invest in gas companies, no matter what car company does well, the demand for your product is going to go up.

By that logic, it would be considered wise to find ways to bet on trading exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. Not all of them have ownership up for grabs, but there are some companies (i.e. Kyber Network) that operate in the trading space and have a token available.

More Ways to Enter This Market

Another company that is doing great work in this area is Digitex Futures. They have found a way to eliminate many of the transaction fees that would normally occur on a trading exchange.

As a futures exchange, the platform operates based on “bets” that are made regarding the future prices of cryptocurrencies. By not taking custody of the actual tokens, it becomes simpler to operate a decentralized ledger for the platform.

This is done by having their token be the “currency” by which traders are making their bets based on the price of BTC in terms of USD. DGTX (Digitex Futures Tokens) are paid out accordingly, and traders will naturally need them in order to make futures bets.

Digitex Futures is able to operate with zero transaction fees because they fund the platform by selling off a small amount of DGTX every year. This creates stable growth within the platform by limiting the supply in a measurable way.

A New Opportunity

Recent performance of Digitex Futures Token (DGTX) has been aggressive, to say the least. In the last week the tokens are up 55.2%, and are now trading at $0.12 per token. The market cap is still extremely small, at $85.24 million, but it is continuing to climb.

If you believe that cryptocurrencies are going to have a strong resurgence, then it might be wise to get ahead of the trend and look at the leading variables. As trading volumes increase, price levels will increase as well. Digitex Futures has a uniquely structured business model that creates inherent demand for their token and right now is a prime buying opportunity.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.