Why Investors Should Be Paying Attention to Agrello (DLT)

Conducting business online has now become the standard, but much of the current technology in place doesn’t provide a great way of ensuring “honorable agreements” online. For example, imagine if you were a freelancer and had agreed to do some work for a client in exchange for a predetermined amount of cash.

What happens when you deliver the work and the client has changed what they are expecting, or just flat out won’t pay? Most of the time, freelancers have written agreements, and nothing more. Getting a contract signed for a $1,000 of work is hardly feasible and not something that would be worth pursuing in small claims court.

Fixing the Digital Economy

This is where companies like Agrello come in. Agrello’s goal is to enable everyone to negotiate and execute legal contracts just using their smartphone. With this distributed way of doing business, it is the perfect solution for some of the problems our new digital economy presents.

Agrello depends on three core components: creating a digital identity for users, facilitating electronic signatures, and enabling smart contracts between parties. These three functions are all that is necessary to formalize agreements and remove a lot of the risk associated with business agreements. Once validated, the contracts become legally binding, and 3rd party APIs may be linked to your contracts to monitor the performance and obligations within.

Mechanics of Agrello

At its core, Agrello is about replacing parts of the legal industry with far more efficient systems. The proprietary coin, DLT, is used to compensate the legal experts who create and submit templates for contracts. As a result, you have a market for the creation and use of legal contract templates.

The ease of use and high level of control present in these contracts is what makes it appealing for users, and legal experts are able to earn an income monetizing their knowledge.

The legal industry is a bloated beast right now, with clients having to pay massive fees for an unnecessary amount of work. With low-variance contracts, solutions like Agrello are going to prove to be a great (and cheaper) alternative.

Recent Performance and Investment Opportunity

Agrello has had an amazing few weeks. Mid-January yielded more than 80% returns, which is strange considering there has been no news or announcements that explains this in message boards or company-run communication channels. DLT trades on Binance and is currently ranked as 205th in terms of market capitalization, which makes it a solid mid-market play.

So we know Agrello is in a volatile state, which makes it a great short-term play. With DLT currently trading around 4,000 satoshis, there could be potential for a quick 10-20% return. Even waiting for it to drop a little further and then bounce (as it has been doing in the last two weeks) could prove to be profitable. I don’t normally recommend short-term plays, but the fundamentals of Agrello are strong enough that it wouldn’t be a terrible outcome if it went down and you had to hold onto it a little longer.

Disclaimer: The author owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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