Who Moved My Cheese?

It’s been a while since I wrote a post. I’ve been busy with creating CCN.com and migrate CryptoCoinsNews.com over to the new domain with a fresh design. And It’s been Christmas with daily family dinners. I decided to quit my job at Wilhelmsen.com as a Digital Trainee. I’ve worked there for a year now, and with the growth of CCN and Hacked.com I had to take a choice. I want to make CCN and Hacked to one of the strongest crypto sources and our team is rapidly expanding. We are now more than eight full time employees and more than 20+ as part timers.

I also bought hvy.com in December, and I want to develop MoneyMakers.com into something more during the coming year. We are building a small media empire with a very decentralized structure. I love the team, and I especially love our dedicated readers and members.

I started 2017 by posting the following:

  1. My own longterm goals, what are yours?
  2. Join me to my first goal of $1 000 000
  3. My First Investment Towards $1 000 000

What is a bit ironic, is that I reached my “longterm” goal last year. It should have taken at least ten years, but I managed it in one. I managed it because of a few things:

  1. Dedication
  2. Team work
  3. Luck

Who would have thought that the crypto scene would blow up like it did last year? It was insane, and we still keep setting records.

Then to a few “lost activities” on hacked.com. The 33% club lost some steam this fall, purely due to my priorities at that time. I’ve still been investing, and I now have approx. 1 million USD in different assets (not cryptos). I will continue the 33% club from February and onwards, and I want you all to join. I will do a new post later in January with a better setup.

Then to my “Robot” affair. First weeks I made $5000, but then things started to go terribly wrong. I had multiple issues with using robots on MetaTrader 5 (I used Roboforex as my trading platform). One of the main issues I found was that the robots did well on certain days, but then when they made the wrong moves, I lost twice of what they originally made. And sometimes, my VPS went down and the orders were stuck until I manually exited them. Mostly with a huge loss. I do not think there’s any good robot out there where you can just leave your money and “forget them”. I’ve decided to focus more on investing my money in secure assets, stocks, indexes, and bonds. I’m still looking for the golden opportunity, and once I find it, I’ll share it with all the members on hacked.com.

Who Moved My Cheese?

I read a short book here the other day called Who Moved My Cheese? and it’s really worth reading. It’s stupid simple, but it’s so true. Basically it says that people who are stuck in the same patterns will end up depressed and “broke”. Your “cheese” or “money” will always be fluctuating, you have to chase it to new grounds. You might think that you can work for your employer until you die, but that will most likely be a terrible mistake. To believe that what you have now will be lasting forever. Successful people manage to change quickly, spot new opportunities, and move forward with their lives. I personally have experienced being stuck for a while, but now I feel free and I want to keep chasing the cheese in new arenas or mazes. Risk and failures are a part of your learning curve. Same can be applied in so many aspects of my and your lives. I recommend reading that book.

After I’m done 31st January at Wilhelmsen (my regular 9-5 job) I’ll focus more on Hacked.com and its community, and I’ll definitely write more and share my thoughts with you.

Thank you for a great 2017, now let’s make sure 2018 becomes even better for all of us.

Founder of Hacked.com and CryptoCoinsNews