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Whitepaper: Cybersecurity Risk for Connected Cars

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Whitepaper: Cybersecurity Risk for Connected Cars


A whitepaper has unveiled that design flaws could allow hackers to take control of connected vehicles.

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The cybersecurity division of IOActive reported in the whitepaper that 50 percent of cyber vulnerabilities discovered in manufacturer designs have the potential to be exploited. Furthermore, 71 percent of the vulnerabilities listed could be operated without any difficulty, according to Business Cloud.

Three years’ worth of data and active vulnerabilities were looked at and detailed in the ‘Commonalities in Vehicle Vulnerabilities’ whitepaper.

The research found that hackers could target vehicles through technologies such as Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, on-board diagnostics equipment and companion apps.

The research’s author Corey Thuen, a senior security consultant at IOActive, said:

The days when a rogue street urchin wielding a coat hanger was the main threat to vehicle security are long gone. As the report shows, we have uncovered a number of ‘hair-on-fire’ vulnerabilities that could easily be exploited at any moment. Manufacturers really need to wake up to the risks they face in the connected world.

He added that most of the vulnerabilities were dependent on sound engineering, software development practices, and cybersecurity practices aimed at protecting customers.

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