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We Should Be Investing in Drones. Here Is Why.

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We Should Be Investing in Drones. Here Is Why.


This article was posted on Friday, 17:16, UTC.

There is a driving trend and major boom behind the autonomous car industry, with financial potential looking particularly ripe. Even the U.S. government has recently appointed an advisory committee on autonomous cars. The news is also full of reports about cars, buses and even trains becoming driverless. Tesla, Google, Toyota, BMW, Daimler and many others are all investing in the billions in this regard. However, rest assured the future lies in drones, the other autonomous devices. The concept of autonomous vehicles, such as drones, has much more potential in the air, not the land, and this piece intends to provide the reasons why.

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The Air Is Limitless

Human drivers have been the factor behind our design of roads, highways, bridges and even overpasses. Designers are limited to the ground, a static concept with no future in enhancements. New cities are to be based on designs of traffic systems bringing about fundamental change. This network will be based on cloud technology, able to adapt to microscale adjustments. Millions of linked vehicles, in communication at all times, will be efficiently managed. Even if autonomous cars enter our roads, they will be alongside other cars driven by humans.

Untouched remains low-altitude airspace. With drones taking to the skies, stakeholders in the industry find themselves before an opportunity: designing a network to fit navigation with autonomous vehicles from day one. This will enjoy digital technology, connection and driven by data.

Flexible 3D commuting

The path taken by a drone is much more flexible than one traveled by a car. Let’s bring an end to the old forward-backward-right-left car travel. Drones enjoy freedom cars never will, with devices now capable of lifting up to 400 feet high (around 135 meters). With the norm shifting to autonomous flying, routes can be adjusted to bypass obstacles, hazards and other threats. A drone able to commute in three dimensions is far more flexible than any car limited to road lanes.

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Innovation, innovation, innovation

Drones, or unmanned aircraft as some describe them, enjoy being part of a more democratic system in comparison to cars. It is true that various drone technologies remain proprietary. However, there is a huge amount of cooperation across various platforms and even hardware manufacturers. Software developers and service providers also enjoy the same characteristic. Such partnership will boost innovation for the entire industry. Why? As anyone will be able to deliver a solution empowered or enabled by a drone.

Drones are easy to afford

Let’s face it. Entering the automotive market will have you digging deep into your wallet. However, drones are available at a range of different prices. This easily places forward ecosystems to an entire line of entrepreneurs and innovators. It is relatively affordable to purchase a drone to test a new app; check an innovative business model; or even launch a new company. Conclusion: adopting drone technology can be very fast. Drone businesses will iterate with quite a speed, allowing new innovations to root and shape up.

Such advantages bring this concept into life that millions of autonomous drones have the potential of flying above us far before driverless cars. Maybe we will find ourselves in flying cars far before autonomous cars on old-school roads.

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