We Have to Talk About Bitcoin Again

It hasn’t been a day since our last bitcoin article, but the world’s leading cryptocurrency has soared to fresh all-time highs yet again. This time, prices approached $6,200 for the first time ever.

Bitcoin’s Bull Market

BTC/USD touched a session high of $6,180.00, bringing its total market cap to $103 billion. Prices were last seen hovering around $6,100, according to Bitstamp.

The rally on Saturday came less than 24 hours after the bulls tested the waters near $6,000. Analysts are almost certain that prices can still go higher, making a compelling case for investors who are still on the sidelines of the crypto rally. FundStrat Global Advisor’s Tom Lee believes prices could top $25,000 over the next five years. In fact, he says this is a conservative estimate.

Bitcoin’s epic run has dwarfed Wall Street’s post-election rally, and has defied repeated warnings from big banks and policymakers.

Bitcoin Gold’s Private Fork

Coinbase made a startling revelation Friday in its FAQ section, where it claimed that Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has already privately forked. The private fork occurred “at a point known only to the Bitcoin Gold development team.” The newly minted digital currency will be made publicly available when the Bitcoin blockchain reaches block no. 491,407. That’s estimated to occur Wednesday.

Bitcoin Gold isn’t your typical fork in the traditional sense of the term. The Wednesday fork date is when the first Genesis block will be mined. The Bitcoin network will have no part in this process whatsoever.

Market participants are still skeptical whether BTG is legitimate. The code has not been made available, and its developers have already mined tens of thousands of blocks.

BTG’s reluctance to release its code publicly is a “major security risk,” according to Coinbase. As such, the U.S.-based exchange will not support the new coin. The broker remains committed to adding support for the Segwit2x hard fork in November.

“After the fork, we will enable access when we have determined each blockchain is secure and stable,” Coinbase Dan Romero said in a blog post earlier this month. “We expect this to happen within a few days after the fork, but it may take longer if additional risks emerge.”

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