We attended the Terra Virtua pre-ICO launch in London: here’s what you need to know about decentralized VR

We attended the pre-ICO launch event for Terra Virtua at BAFTA in London last Thursday to find out from the team themselves exactly what they are about.

Their coin will utilize the TERRA ‘TVT’ handle, and it will be used to support a disruptive consumer and social platform and marketplace Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment software.

Terra Virtua incorporates decentralised blockchain technology for their ecosystem to fulfil their goal of delivering a Netflix-style subscription service for VR experiences. They promise to offer a wide selection of titles: from video games, to movies and other types of entertainment.

A Partnership of Epic Proportions

Video game developer Epic games solidified their support for Terra Virtua’s platform with their presence on the day of the pre-ICO launch, with graphics card manufacturer Nvidia (who provided the high-tech hardware and software used for VR demonstration at the event).

One of the experiences on display was ‘Robo-Recall’, which is a virtual reality video-game in which the player is tasked with destroying an army of enemy robots using a variety of guns. It takes place in a stunningly realistic semi-futuristic metropolis setting, and the immersion were results of advanced high frame-rate eyeball-tracking systems. Advanced controllers combined with accurate hand movement synchronisation & dynamic software coding meant that combat and in-world interactions felt almost real.

Epic Games cut their teeth developing early PC video game titles in the 90s, and more recently have released internationally successful titles like Fortnight, along with the extremely prolific Unreal Engine. This development suite has been licensed for use by Terra Virtua for their eponymous ‘virtual platform’ – used for player navigation and social interaction between VR games and experiences.

The Speakers and Speeches

Many of the Terra Virtua senior leadership team were present on the day. Several delivered words to the crowd regarding the platform, and their roles in its development. Additional speakers included a handful of the team’s partners and associates.

The series of speakers was preceded by Jawad Ashraf, Terra Virtua’s Founder. His ability to draw a team together should speak for itself, however he has significant experience in the industry as well. In addition to working as Head of Technology at the Entertainer in Dubai (strategic leadership for high profile mobile applications in the Middle East), Ashraf is currently known best for his investments and professional contributions in both mobile application companies, as well as VR.

After this introduction, we were introduced to the company’s CEO Gary Bracey, an accomplished player in the video and computer gaming industry for over 35 years, with his early prominent successes including the foundation of seminal development/publishing house Ocean Software

Chief Technology Officer Kish Hirani (ex-Sony PlayStation, BAFTA VR advisory group) did not make a formal speech on the day; however, he made a strong presence networking amongst the various journalists, investors and others present.

Peter Bergstrom is the head cryptocurrency expert on the team, acting in the capacity as Chief Strategy Officer. His portfolio of experiences and successes in across the blockchain scene goes as far back as 2011 where his enthusiasm towards cryptocurrencies began with personal investment and evangelism of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Other key speakers included Nick Button-Brown, the chairman of BAFTA Games.

If you would like to see the full set of speeches – they are currently online over here on Facebook. Furthermore, you can find out more on the upcoming ICO event as well as the platform and coin themselves on the official website. They also have an active presence on Twitter and Facebook.

The Terra Virtua ICO is set to launch later this month. Check out their official media for the latest updates.

BAFTA Terra Virtua Launch Event

Posted by Terra Virtua on Thursday, March 29, 2018

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