Watches Will Talk to Each Other in Android Wear Update

android-wear-watches-talk-to-each-other-communicate-togetherAmong other improvements in the upcoming Android Wear release, watches will be able to communicate with each other. Watches will go futuristic, James Bond-style, with one-tap voice commands. The user can tap the device, say a command, and get what they want from the device. Most Android watches can communicate with a phone via Bluetooth, and thus to the Internet.

The watch communication will be called Together, and it is as futuristic as it sounds. The watches can communicate and sense each other’s presence if they are both running the appropriate software, and they are in range of each other. The watches can then communicate, sending emoticons and such. This could create a new social paradigm or a new and serious annoyance factor that could deter user adoption. Seems it could go either way, but it probably won’t stop people from buying the watches.

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The use of single-tapping the Android Watch seems to be prominent in the new release, and developers will have the opportunity to adapt their applications.

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