Watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 Makes an Almost-Successful Crash Landing

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX tried landing a rocket on a barge called the Falcon 9. They launched it off and hope to hit their bullseye on the target in the middle of the ocean, and it did. The mission was quite a success, and it went out with a bang.

Unfortunately, it did so in a fiery blaze. SpaceX uploaded the video onto their Vine account for all to see. The rocket was drone operated, so no one was hurt. The footage of the mission shows the Falcon 9 almost made a safe landing. As Musk said, “close, but no cigar. This time.”

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Exploded Due to Small Amount of Fluid

SpaceX CrashAccording to SpaceX, the reason for the explosion was due to the rocket running out of hydraulic fluid. Musk tweeted later that during the next rocket landing, in two to three weeks, they’ll make sure to put in more fluid. At least is should explode for a different reason, as he said.

Musk also tweeted pictures out of the crash and explosion to Oculus Rift virtual reality evangelist and rocket lover John Carmack. In each tweet, Musk explained what was happening as the rocket hit the ground and went up in flames.

SpaceX Crash 2Many people are considering this to be a failed mission, but it’s not. While SpaceX didn’t plan on an explosion occurring, they were able to launch a rocket and hit their target directly, like throwing a dart at a dartboard. When they run tests again in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see if the previously mentioned modifications they make to the process will improve the landing.

Images from Twitter and Shutterstock.

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