Volatile and Illiquid; Aurora (AOA) Backtracks 55% After Recent Gains

Aurora (AOA) has proved one of the most illiquid and yet most most volatile cryptocurrencies in the market cap top one-hundred in the past week; gaining 409%, and then losing half of it all within the space of seven days.

All of this activity originated on just one exchange, Kucoin. That is unless you count the five dollars worth of AOA tokens traded on Bitinka. Wednesday morning’s snapshot shows a coin that has endured a +450% swing in the past week – fuelled by a community social media bounty and a rather bold piece of hype-making by the Aurora Twitter team.

AOA Sinks 55% After 409% Gains

From September 12th’s low of $0.008640, AOA tokens surged off of Kucoin’s BTC and ETH buys up to September 17th’s token price of $0.044022 – marking 409% gains over five days. The majority of this activity was founded on less than a million dollars worth of trades, with AOA volumes almost quadrupling from the $280,000 range, up to around $920,000 on Sept 17th.

What took five days to build was then destroyed in less than two, as AOA plunged by 55% down to this morning’s valuation of $0.019418. The previous week’s surge had triggered several articles speculating on the promise of the Aurora platform, but ultimately the skeptics were correct and what went up predictably came back down.

The brief but effective piece of market making has undoubtedly seen a small number of traders take huge profits on Kucoin in the past week. The majority are likely nursing double-digit losses this morning after the sell-off over the last two days.

Hype Triggers Trades

As covered here in the run up to AOA’s recent peak, the Aurora community had been engaged in a social media bounty campaign to celebrate the launch of their new Berlin office.

The increased flurry of online activity likely acted as a trigger for the the week’s market making, and may have been helped along by this teasing image by the Aurora Twitter team. The image shows Aurora’s logo floating above a pair of smartphones, accompanied by the text:

“Faster TPS is just the beginning. #Aurora #AOA #Apple.

As far as I’m aware, Aurora has not yet partnered with the world’s first trillion dollar company. The image could be relating to an upcoming app that may be available for use by Apple phones, but the Aurora team remain tight-lipped at the moment, preferring to allow the speculation and chatter do its job.

It has been a frantic start for a token that only launched in June. The Kucoin listing only arrived towards the end of August, and we may be witnessing the turmoils of a newly launched token still attempting to find its value.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. 

Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.