US Targets By China Cyber Attacks Shown On Secret NSA Map

NBC News has been able to exclusively obtain a secret NSA map which indicates massive cyber assault by the Chinese government on the United States of America’s economy. The assaults were directed at all sectors of the economy of the United States of America including defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and international organizations like Google.

US Targets By China Cyber Attacks Shown On Secret NSA Map
US Targets By China Cyber Attacks

The United State of America’s military and government agencies were not spared by the Chinese hackers. There were indications that Chinese hackers successfully attempted to collect information from the military and government agencies in the United States of America. The hackers are believed to be working for the Chinese government.

Over 600 private and government Chinese Cyber Espionage victims in the United States of America were marked using red dots on the map. The attack was carried out on industrial center clusters in the United States of America over a period of five years. The Washington to Boston area which is the Northeast Corridor and Silicon Valley in California is covered in red dots. Other areas that had a lot of attacks include Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Miami and Dallas. About 50 attacks were targeted on the city of California alone, which was the highest recorded number of attacks.

Each dot on the map shows a Chinese attempt to steal military and corporate data and secrets about critical infrastructure in America. The major critical infrastructures that were targeted include internet backbone, telecommunications, and electrical power. According to intelligence sources, the information that China stole from these attacks includes hybrid car specifications and pharmaceutical product formulas. They also pilfered information about control systems for civilian air traffic and United States of America’s military details.

The source to NBC News says that the NSA Threat Operations Center displayed the map during a briefing by the NSA in February 2014. China’s interest in US control systems for air traffic, Lockheed Martin, and other defense contractors, as well as Google, was highlighted in the briefing.

From the briefing, it was made clear that hackers working for the government of China have been able to successfully pilfer sensitive information from the United States of America. The information was stolen from military networks, government and United States of America’s corporate organizations. The origin and number of the attacks and exploitations from China were also listed in the brief.

From the briefing, and the map displayed from the briefing, it was obvious that the NSA was able to assess and monitor the cyber espionage operations of China. They were also able to notice the particular computer networks, government agencies and companies that were being targeted by the Chinese hackers.

Repeated requests were made by the NBC to the NSA for comments as regards the cyber security breach. However, the NSA is yet to respond.

Image from NSA and Gil C / Shutterstock.

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