UK Government, Intel, & Trend Micro Partner to Monitor Cyber Crimes

Intel SecurityThe United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency has contracted two security firms to provide minute-by-minute intelligence about tech crime.

In an attempt to step up efforts to combat cyber crime last week, the super power teamed up with Intel Security and Trend Micro. The National Crime Agency hopes to obtain up-to-the-minute updates regarding cyber crime. The intelligence expansion is another attempt at mass harvesting information.

Security firms have a far greater understanding of the threats in terms of what they see on a day-to-day basis,”Andy Archibald, Head of the UK National Crim Agency’s Cyber Crime Unit said. “They have a massively important part to play in terms of understanding and identifying who and where the threat comes from.

Intel and Trend Micro hope to expose the cyber gangs and the infrastructure they abuse to commit cyber attacks. The collaboration has already lead to the arrest of people in the UK involved in manufacturing malware, money laundering, and hosting services valuable to cyber crime. This type of partnership is becoming common. Europol signed a memorandum of understanding with multiple security companies across the world, Intel, Kaspersky, CCIS being a few.

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The provided intelligence creates an invaluable map of crime across the United Kingdom. The visibility gives government snoops the ability to target servers or other resources abetting criminals. Beyond computer hardware, the information reveals the types of attacks and the country of origin.

In the past ten months the partnership has returned impressive results. Raj Samani, chief technical officer for Europe Intel Security said,

“We started off with Gameoverzeus and Cryptolocker, we had Blackshades, we had Shylock, we had Ramnit, we had Simda and we just concluded with Beebone,” he said. “There’s more to come.”

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