Uber Drivers are Planning the Biggest Strike in Uber History

You might be familiar with strikes by taxi drivers in protest of Uber. Now, in various rideshare forums on the Internet, a growing and determined group of Uber drivers are trying to schedule an Uber driver strike October 16-18. One particularly vocal forum on the web, the Facebook group Uber Freedom, has more than 20,500 Likes and has posted a flyer for the strike as its cover photo on the popular social networking website.

Organizers claim this will be the “biggest Uber strike in Uber history.” A Los Angeles radio show discussed the possible strike (at the 29 minute mark), as did a Kansas City radio show. A Houston, Texas news outlet did a feature on the strike. Here is the Facebook event page for the upcoming strike.

Organizers also plan on using Uber tactics against them. TechCrunch reported that Uber paid contractors to create fake accounts on Lyft in order to order rides only to cancel them. As you can see in the flyer below, some Uber drivers plan to do similar. This is the official flyer:

A flyer for the strike

And another flyer:


The hashtag “#uberstrike” has gained some steam on social media, with some passenger siding with the drivers:

The strike is, in some ways, placing pressure on peer-to-peer companies and even social media companies, as the following Instagram post shows:

One driver for both Lyft and Uber summed up his frustration, which mirros the frustration of others:

Just found out that they are lowering fares in LA next week by 15%. And they have the nerve to say that they are doing it to increase rides and earnings for us. If I had another job, I would stop driving today, but this is all I have right now. For me, Uber and Lyft are now one big scam. Lyft is no different. Rates in LA are already at poverty levels.

While Uber drivers protest poverty wages, Uber is opening up new offices. The most recent portends to be opened in Oakland.

Featured image from GongTo Shutterstock.

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