What To Do if Your Facebook Account Is Compromised

Keeping your Facebook account safe can be quite tricky. Unfortunately, Facebook provides one of the worst suites of recovery features we’ve ever seen. So what are you supposed to do if your Facebook account is compromised? This guide will teach you exactly what to do if someone compromises your Facebook account. What Does A Compromised … Read more

Received Facebook Password Change?

Facebook will send you a message whenever you request a password change. However, what should you do if you receive one of these messages when you haven’t asked for a password change? This article will walk you through the correct response to the situation and the reasons why you may have received a Facebook password … Read more

Someone May Have Accessed Your Account

Facebook occasionally sends emails to users, warning them about unauthorized access to their accounts. If you’ve received one of these emails before, it can be confusing and scary to try and figure out what you should do. This guide will teach you what to do when Facebook tells you that someone may have accessed your … Read more

Received Facebook Primary Email Changed?

Facebook informs you whenever you change important details on your account. So what should you do if you receive a Facebook primary email changed message when you didn’t change it yourself? This guide will teach you exactly what to do to keep your Facebook account as secure as possible. What is a Facebook Primary Email … Read more

How to Recover a Hacked YouTube Account or Channel

youtube logo and site

YouTube is an important part of many people’s lives, so when hackers steal it, what should you do? People often leave their important YouTube accounts open and unsecured for hackers to break into. This guide will teach you exactly what to do to recover a hacked youtube account.   Youtube Recovery Guide  1. Act Immediately … Read more

How to Recover a Hacked Linkedin Account

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Linkedin is a service used by many professionals, but not everyone takes security on the site seriously. Losing access to your Linkedin accounts can be a serious blow to your career and cause undue stress. So what should you do if hackers attack your account and steal it away from you? Below is our guide … Read more

How To Tell Your Facebook Has Been Hacked

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Facebook is one of the most vulnerable social media websites due to the vast amount of people using it. Hackers and scammers are constantly targeting Facebook accounts. Just because hacking is common doesn’t mean you can fully understand or recognize it. Below is our guide on how to confirm for yourself that your account has … Read more

How To Recover a Hacked Amazon Account


Many people rely on the services Amazon provides, from video streaming to e-commerce. What should you do if you lose access to these services? Below is a guide on what to do if you can’t access your Amazon account. 1. Act Immediately Your first step should be to act straight away. As soon as you … Read more

How to Check if You’ve Been Hacked

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Everything from social media accounts to email addresses can be attacked anytime. Old accounts can put your new accounts at risk, so how can you tell if your accounts or passwords have been hacked? 7 Telltale Signs You’ve Been Hacked In the age of digital connectivity, ensuring the security of our personal and professional data … Read more