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Turkey Referendum: Narrow Win for Erdogan Cements His Power

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Turkey Referendum: Narrow Win for Erdogan Cements His Power


This article was posted on Monday, 11:58, UTC.

The results of the Turkish constitutional vote show a picture of a divided country, as the main cities and the territories with the most Kurdish citizens overwhelmingly chose no, but the rural Turkey outvoted them by a very tight margin. With 99.8% of the ballots counted, the results showed a 51.4% majority of the yes votes. The results of the Turkish constitutional referendum by territory (source: Reuters) Tayyip Erdogan declared victory shortly after the mathematical chance of a turnaround faded, while opposition parties voiced their suspicions regarding fraud.  They plan to challenge up to one-third of the ballots, as a…

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Turkey, the regional superpower with a fragile economy, a faltering…