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Trump Hotels Confirm Credit Card Breach

Trump Hotels Confirm Credit Card Breach

by Samburaj DasSeptember 29, 2015

Donald Trump’s Trump Hotel Collection (a hotel chain) has confirmed that malware infected its point-of-sale (POS) systems for more than a year. The hotel administration has sent out letters to all ‘potentially affected’ customers to notify them of the IT security breach at a Las Vegas hotel and several other hotel properties in the U.S. and Canada.

Trump Hotels join the likes of the Hilton hotel chain in being victims of credit card breaches.

The Trump Hotel Collection posted a “legal notice of potential security incident” on its website, confirming earlier reports of a breach in the hotel chain’s POS systems.

With the notice issued on its website, the hotel warned that POS systems at seven hotels – in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Honolulu and Toronto – were all potentially infected with malware.

An extract from the notice read:

Payment card data (including payment card account number, card expiration date, and security code) of individuals who used a payment card at the Hotel between May 19, 2014, and June 2, 2015, may have been affected.

Hackers Target Trump Hotels

Donald Trump, a 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate, found his hotels at the center of a number of cases pointing to fraudulent activity, earlier in July. “A pattern of fraudulent debit and credit card charges to accounts that had all been used at Trump hotels,” was the claim according to multiple sources of cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs.

At the time, Donald Trump’s son Eric, executive vice president of development and acquisitions, said:

Like virtually every other company these days, we have been alerted to potential suspicious credit card activity and are in the midst of a thorough investigation to determine whether it involves any of our properties.

Now, aside from the notice put up by the hotel chain, letters have been dispatched to customers warning them of the malware and the compromise of credit card information and cardholder names.

The letter, also posted on California’s Office of the Attorney General’s website can be found here.

A year’s worth of credit monitoring is offered for free to all affected customers.

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