TRON Spikes 21% in 24 Hours Ahead of Token Migration

Only a few days away from its departure from Ethereum, TRON’s token price surged over the last day, racing to 21.4% gains in just under 22 hours.

That took the TRX token – which is due to go through the dreaded swap process on the 21st of June – from a starting price of $0.041 last night, to a price of $0.051 a few hours ago.

Since then its movement has corrected somewhat, but gains of around 14% have been holding steady since the sudden spike, and TRX is still close to the 5 cent mark as it tries to break out of the $0.04 range that it has been mired in since the sudden dip around early June.

TRX was trading at $0.10 on April 30th, and in the month and a half since then its value has sunk by an unbelievable 60%. In the same period, BTC lost just over 30% of its value, while Ethereum’s losses are closer to 40%.

In this context, TRON’s growth over the last 24 hours doesn’t seem all that out of place. Every day we see sudden gains recorded by altcoins which are correcting for sudden losses experienced earlier in the month.

TRON’s 60% loss over this period was itself a correction for the month of April, where TRX began the month trading at $0.030, only to find itself at a price of $0.10 just four weeks later. That 233% upwards movement was one of the best recorded by a Top 20 coin April, and the subsequent losses were almost equal in scale.

BitTorrent Acquisition

It was confirmed at the start of the week that TRON founder Justin Sun had followed through on his plans to buy the BitTorrent file-sharing platform.

A reported figure of $140 million is sure to make juicy headlines, and it marks one of the rare occasions when the crypto world has reached out and got involved with other industries. We can only speculate at this point whether Sun plans to simply oversee BitTorrent, or if he intends to integrate it somehow with his crypto platform.

Token Migration

On May 31st when the mainnet originally launched, TRON’s price didn’t see the kind of spike that everyone was expecting. By that time the long, bearish slide of May was already in full effect, and a price of $0.062 at that time would actually seem desirable now.

But now, in the ramp up to the token migration, TRX is starting to see some movement. It’s 24 hour volume is now three times as much as it was on Saturday – going from $114 million to its volume of $356 million at the time of writing.

Whether this is an omen of good things to come for the much hyped platform remains to be seen.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. 

Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.