Tron Price Gains 36% for the Week – Pushes Back Into Top Ten

Today TRX coins have grown 13% over 24 hours, and continue to climb in value even as Bitcoin and Ethereum start to slow their rate of growth.

Tron began the day at $0.038 and then climbed to a peak of $0.0430 just a matter of minutes ago. That move pushed Tron’s market cap to just under $3 billion, and sent TRX back into the top ten in market cap rankings.

Going back to July 13th, just five days ago, TRX was priced at $0.0314, meaning today’s recent high of $0.0430 marks a 36% growth in less than a week.

Return to the Top Ten

Tron had been edged out of its prime market cap top ten location in recent weeks by Tether. Or rather, Tether moved up the market cap rankings owing to Tron’s fall. Today Tron has pushed back into the top ten for the first time in what feels like a long time, but is actually only a few weeks. Time slows down in the crypto world. The rollercoaster that a gold or silver investor went through over the last twenty years is experienced by the average crypto holder in the space of a week.

The surge into the top ten would have been helped in no small part by the 88% boost to Tron’s daily trading volumes over the past week – rising from $152 million, to $287 million at the time of writing.

Good Ol’ Hype

Tron’s market growth over the last week has been accompanied by a definite ramping up of the hype train. A quick Google search for ‘Tron trx’ opens up a first page with one Youtube video declaring Tron to be ‘better than Ripple’, and another proclaiming that Tron is the new Apple.

Such posts are viewed with suspicion by the community at large, but no corporate interference is necessarily required for crypto enthusiasts to engage in free shilling for their favourite altcoins.

Earlier today, Tron creator, Justin Sun, announced his intention to run as a candidate for one of the Tron network’s super-representative positions. Sun announced on Twitter:

“I am excited to run for #TRON Super Representative alongside excellent candidates, in the hands of our community. Voting is a crucial part of the #TRON ecosystem and embodies our mission of decentralization and democracy. Every vote counts!”

In a community that prioritizes decentralization, this move is certain to raise eyebrows. Sun already owns 10% of the total TRX token supply, and his presence within the day-to-day running of the Tron network might reek a little too much of ‘conflict of interest’.

But then, the alternative view is that if the network requires super representatives (essentially node operators) to service and govern the blockchain; who better than the guy who wants it to succeed the most?

Answers to these questions may only come when Tron either flies or fails, until then, enjoy the drama if you can.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.

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