TRON Price Analysis: TRX/USD Moves Within Proven Buying Area


  • TRX/USD flirting with a huge buying area, historically proven to see buyers swoop in.
  • Justin Sun sings praises on 100 million $TRX trading volume for Tron DEX.

TRX/USD has been suffering heavily, in line with a large bearish reversal seen across the board. The price is running sharply lower, closing on the daily in the red. After TRX/USD had broken out to the downside from a supporting ascending trend line and retested, selling pressure has been consistent. Within the current trend, the price today – Thursday 15th November, was forced to drop to its lowest level seen in around nine weeks.

TRON News Flow

The TRON foundation has not been shy on the update front of late, continuing to push out positive developments from the camp. It was only recent that a new Tron decentralized exchange, DEX was launched.  Over the past few days it has seen a large amount of popularity. was acknowledged by Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, via Twitter, which heavily contributed to a further pick up in trading volumes.

Justin Sun tweeted, “  breaks 100 million $TRX trading volume! Next milestone is 500 million”. The founder continues to be very much supportive of these TRON based projects, given his active recognition via social media. Despite the protracted bear market, Sun disregarded this in a recent tweet, showing a screenshot of the double-digit losses seen on Wednesday across the crypto market. He then quite comically compared the Coinmarketcap view with the Tron DEX, showing TRX related pairs trading in the green.

Technical Review – TRX/USD

TRX/USD daily chart

The TRX/USD bears have in the session been testing a vital area of demand. This is seen tracking from $0.01800 down to 0.01700. Previously in August and September, the mentioned area provided firm support in propping up the price. Most recently, the price had dipped into this territory on 12th September, where TRX/USD gradually went on to gain over 60%. Earlier, on August 14th, buyers pilled in, seeing the price gradually gaining over 70% over a period of time.

Given the history of buyers camped in this area, bulls should come back into play imminently. If this does prove to be the case for TRX/USD, eyes will be on another retest of the broken ascending trend line. This is seen tracking around $0.02550. The bears had initially breached this area of support, on 29th October. TRX/USD was supported in its move higher, from 12th September, by this trend line, before the break lower.

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