Trade Recommendation: ADABTC

A sudden spurt in prices is to be noted because it may offer us a trading opportunity. However, we should avoid jumping on to a running train. We should wait for a consolidation to enter, which offers us a good risk to reward objective. One such cryptocurrency that fits the bill is ADA. Let’s see, why we like this.

Key points

  1. ADABTC jumped 400% within 3 days
  2. It is finding buying support at lower levels
  3. This is a momentum play

Daily chart

As ADABTC has a limited trading history, we shall not analyze its weekly chart. On the first day of its trading activity, it registered both its lifetime high and lifetime low. Intraday, it hit a high of $0.00002 and a low of $0.00000202.

After the huge volatility of day 1, the volatility reduced and the digital currency gradually drifted towards the lows.

However, on November 26, ADABTC started its bull run, which took it from a low of $0.00000339 to a high of $0.00001690 on November 28. That’s a huge 398% move within three days.

Thereafter, the digital currency corrected the massive move. We like the way ADABTC found buyers at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement levels of the rally. This shows that buyers want to own it on dips.

For the past four days, the digital currency has been forming inside day candlestick patterns. This shows a coiling formation, which is likely to either breakout or breakdown soon. We want to enter a long position if the virtual currency breaks out to the upside. Let’s see the entry and exit levels on the 4-hourly chart.

240-minute chart

We find that ADABTC is currently trading inside a tight range. On the upper end, $0.000013 has been acting as a stiff resistance. We want to buy a breakout of this level. Thus, we recommend a long position at $0.00001330. We expect this breakout to carry the digital currency to $0.0000169 levels. A breakout of this level will propel the digital currency towards the lifetime highs.

Therefore, we suggest booking only 50% of profits at $0.00001690 and holding the rest with stops at breakeven.

As this is a momentum trade, we don’t want to keep a large stop loss. Our stop loss is $0.000011.


ADABTC has a short trading history. Hence, we suggest trading it with only 50% of the normal allocation. We want to attempt this risky trade because if it moves according to our expectation, we can benefit from the momentum.

Rakesh Upadhyay is a Technical Analyst and Portfolio Consultant for The Summit Group. He has more than a decade of experience as a private trader. His philosophy is to use technical analysis for momentum trading and fundamental analysis for long-term positions. Rakesh likes to keep himself fit by lifting weights and considers himself to be a spiritual person.