Trade Recommendation: Verizon Communications


As U.S. markets are moving lower, Verizon is one of the few stocks that are expected to move higher irrespective of the broader markets’ next move.

Technical Overview

  • After breaking from a double bottom pattern in 2010 (lows – violet trendline; breakout above pattern’s interim high – first blue arrow), the stock has climbed higher, finding support at a long-term trendline (green trendline and arrows).
  • Since 2013, the stock has stalled in the $53.70 – $55 range on multiple occasions (resistance range – red horizontal trendlines; retests – red arrows).

Figure 1. VZ Weekly Chart

  • Zooming in, the stock broke above a 2-month resistance (orange horizontal trendlines in Figure 2) on the heels of reporting strong Q1 earnings.
  • Since mid-March, a short-term support has carried prices higher (purple trendline).

Figure 2. VZ Daily Chart


  • Filling the up-gap will give a bullish K-Divergence signal. While, on average, almost 85% of gaps get filled within 2 months of occurring, the stock’s strong price action during a broad market sell-off is constructive and this particular gap may remain open in the foreseeable future.
  • The stock is expected to find support within the $47.50 – $49 area if today’s up-gap is filled.
  • Nearest major resistance is at $53.70 (lower boundary of long-term resistance range – lower red trendline).


  • Bullish as long as the stock remains above the purple trendline.

 Trade Recommendation

  • Buy half a position at current levels ($49.67 at the close on April 24). Buy another half if the up-gap gets filled and the stock remains above the short-term support (purple trendline, currently at $47.35, rising by roughly 17 cents/week).
  • Target: $53.70
  • Stop: A close below the short-term support (purple trendline).

 Benefits of Recommended Trade

  • A favourable risk-reward profile (roughly 1 : 2). Even more favourable if the up-gap gets filled and the average entry price is lower (due to averaging down).
  • An upward-sloping support used as a stop, resulting in an improving risk-reward profile of the trade as time goes by.

Disclosure: No position but may initiate a long stock/call position at any time.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.