Trade Recommendation: Ride ETN and EW on Breakout

The S&P 500 Index (SPX) flexed its muscles on Friday, December 8, as it gapped up, opening nearly 10 points higher than its previous close. With volume going below its 20-day average, the market’s telling us that sellers are running out of ammunition. The slowdown in selling has enabled bulls to push the index up, closing almost the same level as the day’s high.

The price action on December 8 affirms our bullish view. With that sentiment, let’s continue trading stocks that are on the verge of breaking out.

ETN – Eaton Corporation

The stock has suffered as much as a 42.25% loss in value during the course of its 3-year downtrend. It almost touched a high of 80 back in 2014, but bears claimed that level and sent the stock to as low as 46.19 in 2016. Fortunately for the bulls, the stock respected that support and used it to generate one higher low after another. The consecutive rallies has given ETN momentum to beach resistance at 80, albeit briefly.

While the bears continue to own that resistance level, technical analysis reveals that it’s only a matter of time before bulls conquer that level with conviction. Weekly and monthly charts reveal a large bullish reversal pattern that can take ETN to a new five-year high. Breach 80 with heavy volume of 11 million in the daily chart should attract momentum traders and give the stock a clear path to our target of 120. More importantly, breakout of this three-year resistance level should restart the uptrend for ETN.

Weekly ETN Chart

Monthly ETN Chart

Summary of Strategy

Buy: breach of 80 with volume of 11 million

Support: 76 and 72

Target: 120

Stop: A close below 72 negates this trade call.

EW – Edwards LifeSciences Corporation

While EW technically remains in an uptrend, it suffered as much as a 33.37% loss in value as it went through a massive corrective phase. It went as high as 121.75 in late 2016 before getting sent back by bears to as low as 81.12 in under two months. Just like ETN, however, EW used that support level to rally and post a series of higher lows. Currently, the stock is threatening to finally breach resistance at 120.

Technical analysis reveals a large bullish continuation pattern that can signal the end of EW’s corrective phase. In addition, indicators show that bulls are in a good position to take out 120. The last candlestick on the weekly chart is a hammer which indicates the presence of buyers above 110. In addition, RSI shows that the stock is far from oversold territory, giving it room to make a move up. Lastly, volume has picked up which hints that a significant number of market participants are showing interest in the stock.

The strategy is to wait for the chart to break resistance at 120 with over 9 million in volume in the daily chart. Breach of this level will attract momentum traders and may lift the stock to our target of 160. It is also important to note that there is no known resistance above 120. Hence, the stock may reach our target without much of a struggle.

Weekly EW Chart

Monthly EW Chart

Summary of Strategy

Buy: breach of 120 with volume of 9 million

Support: 112 and 110

Target: 160

Stop: A close below 10 invalidates this trade view.

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