Trade Recommendation: Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin has recently finished its ICO and is currently available on a few exchanges. The primary metric to look at is the market cap of a company, especially after the initial exchange selloff. Most ICO investors are looking for a coin with a small market cap so that they can get 2x – 5x return. Enjin Coin has a very low market cap at the moment in relation to the maturity of the company. This will be a great candidate to swing trade. There are four reasons this coin is a swing trade candidate besides the fact that it has dipped to previous lows and is a great buy at the moment.

1. Enjin currently has a contest running on that will pay large amounts of ENJ tokens  to the top holders during the competition. This ends on November 25th. Basically, you just have to buy ENJ on Binance and hold it until the end of the contest. The top holders will be rewarded. Here is the contest info: Enjin Binance Contest

2. Enjin is releasing its Mobile Smart Wallet as well as the Minecraft plugin soon. This will allow game developers to use ENJ in the gaming community.

3. The chart shows the MACD crossing upward over the EMA 9-day signal indicating another bullish run.

4. Enjin could be compared to GameCredits, which is currently trading on Bittrex. GameCredits has a market cap of $123,000,000; DigiByte has a market cap of $85,000,000. If Enjin only reached the market cap of DigiByte that would be a 5x ROI and if it reaches GameCredits’ market cap then investors would see an ROI of 8x. For the short term, the entry point is 0.00000265 BTC with a stop loss order placed at 0.00000242 with a profit target at 0.00000318 BTC.

Market: ENJ/BTC
Buy: 0.00000270 BTC
0.00000248 BTC
Profit Targets: 
0.00000324 BTC – 0.00000328 BTC

If your profit target hits 0.00000324 BTC, you will have made 20% return.

Disclaimer: The analysis is invested in ENJ.

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