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Top Smartphone Apps For Legal Marijuana Users

Top Smartphone Apps For Legal Marijuana Users

by Justin OConnellOctober 13, 2015

There is turnover in the marijuana app game, but these are some of the long-lived and well-established options when it comes to getting marijuana information and networking tools to your cell phone. 

Best Buds

Like WeedMaps, this app lets you find dispensaries, but you can also search by specific strains and edibles. This app is best for the Colorado area, but as legalization sweeps the nation and world this will change.

Cannabis Pocket Reference

This complete guide to cannabis includes grow guides, news and an alchemy guide.

Duby App

Duby is a cannabis social network for your phone. Without a dating element, like HighThere, this is the Facebook for stoners.


Every Strain

This guide for legal cannabis users allows you and other users to review strains. You can also record your cannabis intake with detailed logs.


For people with gardens, knowing the stage of development for each plant can ensure a healthy grow cycle. The same goes for marijuana, and Growbuddy offers a journal app in order to help record the growth of your plants, as well as historical data to help ensure a happy harvest.

Herb Converter

This app makes it easy to convert between units used for weighing marijuana and other medicines, like kava, chamomile, valerian, tea and others.

High Times

The High Times app is a great companion to High Times the Magazine. Since this app essentially just delivers High Times issues to your phone, it costs money.



Like Tinder for stoners! This app will let you search for other users based on energy level, preferred methods of consumption and interests, like television, music and gaming.


With access to more more than 50,000 reviews of dispensaries and more than 500 marijuana strains, Leafly claims to be “the world’s largest cannabis information resource.” You can even leave reviews of your own by joining the Leafly community.

Marijuana Handbook Lite

This app boasts a grip of weed information. With more than 175 strains, the app includes maps to clinics and dispensaries, and information on etiquette and a cookbook.


This app is much like Instagram, except for weed only. Hashtags, photos, the whole nine yards are featured on this app which has grown in popularity in the marijuana industry.

My Canary

Endorsed by NORML, this app has science-based tests to know if you’re too high. By testing your memory, balance and reaction, you can know how impaired you are.


This popular app allows legal vendors and marijuana patients come together in the United States, Europe and Canada.


420 Times

Up to date marijuana news and medical research about cannabis. Videos, photo albums, top 10 lists and how to articles, all on your phone. The website can be seen here.

Featured image from Shutterstock. Other images from Duby, High Times & Weed Maps.

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